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Post#1 » Sat Aug 07, 2021 1:50 pm

After my little introduction, which you can find here:
I decided to tell what Elubatel is for me, together with its first magical manifestation towards me.
At the beginning of my journey with NAP, I had established a very good relationship with Nitika and Labezerin, but I had voluntarily stayed away from Elubatel.
This is because what I read about him did not reassure me, he tempted me but I wanted to know more.
In fact, it is not uncommon to find many stories of people who accuse him of bringing great depression into their life or of obtaining the opposite of what they had asked for.
Not stopping on the surface of certain testimonies, but digging deeper, we will discover that many times drastric changes are necessary for the realization of some of our desires, and that following large unwanted changes, a depression is normal.
So no, I do not believe that this entity feeds on the depression of others, as many on the net suggest.
At least that's not what happened to me.

After these careful analyzes, I understand that it was time to call Elubatel.
I immediately took the matter very seriously, since the opening words of his invocation read as follows: "from now on, I invoke and command you, Powerful Elubatel ..."
This declaration was important for me, because it immediately put me in front of a serious stance with respect to this Entity.
So I immediately make a commitment: not having the possibility to be in the same place every day, I decided to perform the ritual every day at the same time, regardless of where I was, and to invoke Elubatel from that day on.
Before this, however, another thing that stopped me from invoking Elubatel was the clarity of one of my objectives.
At that time I did not have very clear ideas about my future, and the present situation at the time was not the best: no work, no studies, entrepreneurial jobs ended badly, no idea what to do.
Knowing that this Entity brings success into life, I wanted to be clear about what success was for me, what I wanted to achieve, before making random invocations.
Talking about this and that with my partner, one day, I have a clear idea of ​​my idea of ​​success for the future, so I decide to call Elubatel.

After the classic ritual start, it's time to call him. Suddenly, my entire left side of the body is hit by severe pain. I feel my shoulder contract, pains down the arm to the fingertips, the whole left side of the chest was sore.
And then a strong feeling arises next to me, the feeling of being watched, as if someone were standing next to me a few inches away. Mentally I was trying to understand, to observe. Even now as I write, I have the memory of a figure similar to that of a man in black robes, a hand resting on his chin, a very fair complexion, but in totality it is a blurred image.
I talked to him, after which the ritual ended normally.
I consider this first experience with a presentation.
After that day there were other manifestations, other forms, the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
But let's get to the practical part, since it is the practical results that interest us most.

In the following days, while I was exhibiting my dreams of success in Elubatel, there was the first teaching from him.
If I wanted to achieve that success, I had to change my mindset.
This was his first lesson: don't ask me for success, ask me first for a success mentality.
Success, as many of us understand it, will lead our lives to hold important roles, responsibilities and probably financial wealth. Well, all of these things need a mindset that is fit, ready and capable of handling it all.
Then one day, finding myself first in a particular situation, I asked Elubatel to open a road, a door, so that I could see a glimmer of light. It didn't matter what it was: a job opportunity in a supermarket, selling my personal property, hiring from one of the countless agencies I had applied to, whatever was right for me, as long as I could start making my way towards success.
A few hours later I get a call from an unknown number.
It was an employment agency, but the call was not addressed to me. They were looking for a woman, but for some mysterious mistake, the number indicated on the card was mine.
So, taking the opportunity, we started talking about work, since I am still interested in being reintegrated into the world of work. The agent explained that he could not follow me, as that conversation was the result of pure coincidence, but he asked me what my passions were.
Amazed, I replied that my passions were related to computer science, of which I had no study, only a lot of personal practice done over the years with systems such as linux or programming languages.
The agent is amazed and explains to me that if I had taken certifications, those would have been enough, because in my country these professions are highly sought after, but there is not much availability.
So he recommends some courses to attend, some free and others for a fee.
The phone call ends here, leaving me amazed, seeing this as an immediate sign of response from Elubatel.
But it doesn't stop there.

Returning to the family home, I meet my sister. She was very happy because after a long time she had managed to get paid for an old job, a nice sum of money.
He told me he was so happy that he wanted to give both me and our father a gift.
She was undecided what to do with me, so she presented me with three options.
One of the gifts, of course, was precisely enrollment in a school that issued professional qualifications in many fields of computer science. Needless to say, I took the opportunity.
Shortly thereafter, I was a qualified linux systems engineer and python programmer.

I'm talking about past events, my life has been going on since then, I will add details in the future.
Meanwhile, this story has taught me that many times we have opportunities under our eyes, but we fail to see them.
Calling entities is good because they have a different perspective on our life.
Sometimes we don't see the big picture, but only the general result.
Elubatel knew which doors to open to make me fly higher and higher towards success.
So have faith that there are many roads, perhaps diametrically opposed to what you wanted to take, but which lead to the same goal, if not greater than the one set.
Elubatel has shown me that he knows me well, perhaps even better than myself, and I can't help but thank him for that.
I hope this experience is useful to someone, or an interesting read.
While waiting to write the other experiences with the NAP, I send you a loving hug.

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Post#2 » Mon Aug 16, 2021 2:08 am

Great post!

Very interesting your relation with him and his help

I still a little afraid cause i readed same histories too about the hard lessons and all that stuff, im agree with that, your experiencie in opposite is smooth and great, very friendly

I didnt get any experience or ritual with him (yet), but i remember about the book Rufus Opus - Modern Angelic Grimoire (about 7 planetary archangels magick and initiations, prequel to his book Seven Spheres), he point something about he asked Tzadkiel of Jupiter about magick to get money but the Archangel somewhat teaches him to spend his money better, so he decided to work with a Goetic spirit to get that (Duke Bune).

There are different entities i know, but from the experience, and yours i get the same feeling of:

"Ill not give you the money you want at once, but ill teach you to get in the path to that"

In the future ill try to reach Elubatel to asking for teachings - advise. In the meanwhile im thinking in (hard)developing a relationship with some spirit related get money (Thinking in Nitika?) (in a lesser way like just little sums of money when needed), and uncrossing myself too. Im not very much crossed by the way, perhaps just a little, but i know if one make uncrossings before, magic for luck stuff flows better, just my opinion / experience.

Your experience is very great, and makes me less "afraid" to ask Elutabel advice in a distant future :goodpost

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Post#3 » Mon Nov 28, 2022 9:04 pm

I am a newbie when it comes to NAP but not when it comes to the spiritual world and I have like some of you, trying not to work with Elubatel after reading a lot of stories and postings about him/her. However, it seems that I can feel him calling me. And I feel that its time for me to meet and work with him.
Any input / advise will be much appreciated.
Thank you for all the posts with regards to Elubatel.

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Post#4 » Mon Jan 09, 2023 5:16 pm

Read everything summerland posted about working with E. There is an idea floating around about including three other AoO or even all of them to balance out E's energy, but i dont know of anybody who has tried it. It might help, it might not. I have tried using E's chant a few times and it always blew up in my face. YMMV.
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Post#5 » Tue Jan 17, 2023 7:19 am

Great post. I have been working with Elubatel for 11 years. Some of which is here on the forum somewhere, I forget where. Your experience in results is similar to mine as far as the opportunities lining up very quickly in groups- although, I didn't bother knowing what I wanted or have a more specific goal like you did, it's a good idea considering so many people seem to report they don't handle how they work well. Which seems to be up to wherever the magician is at in their world: their mind, their experiences so far, their situation, etc.

Looking forward to the next update when/if you are compelled.

Live lightly.

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