Amazing Results with 3 Prong Approach!

The methods and techniques outlined in The Miracle of New Avatar Power by Geof Gray-Cobb
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Re: Amazing Results with 3 Prong Approach!

Post#11 » Wed Sep 28, 2022 11:28 am

Brother_Moloch_969 wrote:Holy Toledo, Batman! That's a terrific chunk of change to win against a slumlord. Kudos!

I only know of one other practitioner, not I, who did something somewhat similar. He lived in an apartment for something like 8 years w/o signing a lease all because the landlady was smitten with him and after coitus, he refused to sign a lease so she let him stay so long as he paid rent on time which he did.

Isn't it grand when renters get one over on shitty landlords?

I had a landlady years ago that I very nearly did this with. She was quite attractive but had the personality of a legume. So I dodged a bullet!

Shitty landlords are a special kind of cretin and I enjoy seeing them reap what they sow.

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