Magick Mentor Experience

The methods and techniques outlined in The Miracle of New Avatar Power by Geof Gray-Cobb

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Re: Magick Mentor Experience

Post#21 » Sat Nov 21, 2009 10:54 am

The way I think of the magick mentor is like turning on a helper software in your brain. I don't think it is necessarily a full blown familiar but I think it defiantly is effective and is useful.

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Re: Magick Mentor Experience

Post#22 » Sat Nov 21, 2009 4:50 pm

Slater wrote:Do you ever get the feeling spirit is not 100% to your way of doing things or is it completely complementary to your code and moral reasoning?

At risk of going off topic, having worked shamanically for almost a decade (which is not so long compared to many of you, I know) it's been my experience that spirits ALWAYS have their own agendas, and often quite differing values, even if they are wholly benevolent & on your side. But then, the same is probably true of your fanily and friends, who nonetheless are all on your side and would go the extra mile for you! 8-)

To give an example, one spirit I trust immensely is homophobic (I kid you not! :shock: ) but, I've just learned to take that as I would from say a relative with entrenched ideas I don't personally share.

Other spirits have - let's just say differing ideas on what is or isn't good for me to be interested in, or on other aspects: one mentor I had and loved, and trust 100% and worked with for nearly 18 months (I'm not referring to a NAP-specific mentor, just a guiding spirit) was incapable of seeing my pet dog, and could not or would not (I never found out which) discuss anything to do with him.

And, there was nothing wrong with my dog either, a kind gentle soul, and my mentor was sound... :roll:

Only saying this because what seems real and valid to spiritual beings (whether or not they used to be human) is often not opposed to our reality, but at a slightly different plane to it, in my experience anyway...

I haven't yet done the specific mentor thing from NAP, when I do I'll have a better idea of how (and if) it compares to working with other spirits, booth elightened guides, and just those who are along for the ride, to experience and learn right there with me (which is not to be sneezed at! :mrgreen: )
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Re: Magick Mentor Experience

Post#23 » Tue Oct 01, 2013 6:19 am

I havent done the MM ritual in a while but i remember when i did there was an really great feeling afterwards. I have worked with the Steinbrecher book Inner guide meditation and got a name from my guide there and it was very similar to the name i got from the NAP system.

Has anyone been working with their MM lately?

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Re: Magick Mentor Experience

Post#24 » Thu Oct 24, 2013 11:14 pm

Hi I am new to NEW AVATAR POWER magick :)

Last night I had my first experience with my new Magick Mentor.

If you have time, please, read my comments which I put on the Franz Bardon subforum, but I am also posting it here.

The starting days of Scorpio mark big change in my working with the Bardonian spirits. For a very long time I have been missing other magical systems which I had to put aside to focus on Franz Bardon. I missed mostly Enochian magick. All the time I wondered how can I work with different systems at the same time? I also wondered how the spirits from one system get together with the spirits from another system and what would be the outcome of this cooperation for a magician? Maybe as an answer Aluph and Schaluah led me to several lucid dreams who were very strong on Enochian symbolism, but in a dream landscape which was quite Bardonian. Out of the need for continuing research of other systems, a few weeks ago I started reading John Dees' A True and Faitful Relation of what passed for many years between J. Dee and some Spirits and also writing an encylopedia of the spirits on this board. All the time I was, however, worry what the Bardonian spirits would think about my decision to continue exploring other systems of magick. Would they see me not loyal? On the other hand, I had already evoked several Bardonian spirits who are the masters of many other magial, spiritual and religious rites and cults, and maybe my interest for other systems came as a result of their influence?

Actually, now I am half-way through. Six months already past and there are six more months to go. And now I understand that I am facing one serious problem when I am working with Bardonian spirits this way. They change every day and there is non of them who is constantly with me. And I am sure that they are not supposed to be constantly with a magician, because they have their own important things to do. Their influence doesn't come the same day they are evoked. The day they are awoked I can only catch the signals of their presence. The effects come later - and dometimes much later - like in the case of Tardoe who influenced me to draw the lamen one evening 5 months after the first attempts that had failed. I still have not found the right Cup even though it has been months since I started my search for it. And am neither satisfied with my wands, so I am asking Aluph and Schaluah to help me creating the one which I would really like.

So, Bardonian spirits are changhing on daily basis and even though I have their support and friendship I feel myself a bit like a spiritual "prostitute" who wants to be with all of the spirits but non of them for real. What I really need was to find a constant spiritual friend who will always be around with me and whom I would not be willing to change the next day because the new spirits are coming to replace him.

But, the question was, who will be that spirit?

I had many ideas. One idea was to choose the most important spirit from each Zodiacal sign. This head would be my protector of the month and would be also ahead of all of the other heads. I would pay most respect to him. And also I would continue to work with him every day througout one-month period. At the end I would have 12 most important heads of the Zone. I would focus on them in the future. And all of the other heads would be responsible to them, so far I am concerned. Nothing came out as a result of this idea. According to which principles I would chose my most favorite 12? And what about the other 348? In a way I like them all and it would be very difficult to select the dream team of the Earth Zone which would serve solely my purpose. I did not give up this idea yet, but I am aware that I can not make a choice artificially. It will take time.

So, if I am not having a constant spirit from the Zone, whom do I have being constantly with me?

Gods name, like YHVH, Adonai Melek, Adonai Ha Aretz, etc. THey are constant. Each magician should invoke some of those names before conjuring any kind of spirits. I am aware of those names. I understand their importance. But they are too abstract to be my buddies in every day life.

My constant and most favorite archangel is Sanalphon. I think of him every day. In one way or another, I am also working with him every day. I also invoke his name when I am dealing with the Heads of the Zone. He is the archangel of Malkuth. And all of the Heads of the Zone are under his authority. However, there is no way I should be really in constant touch with Sandalphon. As an archangel, he is very busy and he has much better things to do than to hang around with me whenever I want.

My constant and most favorite spiritual teacher is Hermes Trismegistus. For the same reasons as Sandalphon, I can not count with his constant companion. He can be constant constant inspiration, though. And this is more than enough.

I was also thinking to have the spirit of late Franz Bardon as my constant companion, especially because I was lucky enought to see him for a few times in the astral world. I gave up this idea, because I don't think Bardon would agree to hang around with me and probably I would also get tired of him.

I could have created a very special, my own Bardonian spirit, who'd be constantly with me while working with Bardon, but somehow I did not want anything subjective around me. I feel myself as I am sufficiant enough. At this moment I don't want to create some more creatures of myself. One should be enough.

I also thought about strenghtning the contacts with my higher selves, including my guardian angels, my higher astral self and finally HGA. But again, at this stage of my life, me as I am, is sufficient. To see and consult my higher selves from time to time is very nice and convinient, but to have them all the time around is a bit to much, at least this is how I feel.

The point is that I did not want any kind of myself being around with me all the time, I wanted some other individual, but who this might be?

I am aware of spiritual friends since early childhood. I remember talking and seeing spiritual teachers since I was in kindergarden and even earlier. I have had many different spiritual teachers. The question was, should I invite one of those old spiritual teachers again? Or should I try to find a new one?

The spiritual teacher should be ready to help me in two most important tasks:

1. How to improve my work with Bardonian spirits? How to make them more visible? How to make them more efficiant? How to make them closer to me? How to make them teach me more, better and faster? How to make myself more approachable to them?

2. How to approach with other magical systems, like Enochian magic, so that their spirits would be in the same line with the Bardonian spirits?

And there are also certain aspects of my mundane life which need to be improved urgently. So, I wonder who this new teacher would be.

So a few days ago, it was the first time in my life that I stated reading "The Miracle of New Avatar Power - By Geoff Gray-Cobb.
I found this book very strange. It is very easy to read. Magical rituals from the book seemed to be like a piece of cake compared to Alister Crowley or Franz Bardon. Why don't give it a try? For several days I had an inner fight about wheter I should accept to approach this system or not. The main question was how it would correlate with Franz Bardon? But finally, I decided to give it a try.
And last night I evoked for the first time my new Magic Mentor following the lines of Geoff Gray-Cobb.

I was very surprised how this evocation was succesful. I had all of those feelings which I was supposed to have (visions of light with closed eyes, ants going under the skin, etc) and then I started a conversation with my new Magical Mentor. He promised me to give me help in my magical working with Bardonian and other systems. He also promised to be my constant companion and to be a sort of a messanger between me and Bardonian spirits. He even took a TV with him and together we were able to watch some future events, like it was said in Gray-Gobb's book. In my sleep all night long I continued having visions of my new Magic Mentor.

Now I have my lamen and my new Magic Mentor, but I also have a problem with one of my best friends who started to blackmail me in a surprisingly rude and impolite way. Everyday's activities don't go the way I wished. Everything goes well but it goes a hard way. I am very tired and exhausted. I would like to see an easy way, for a change.
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Re: Magick Mentor Experience

Post#25 » Fri Oct 25, 2013 1:47 am

Actually, I think all your hard work with Bardon is going to give you a leg up with any of NAP. Most of the time folks have no results, I think they also likely have little experience. My personal theory is that Gray Cobb used the stories and the writing style to attempt to "trick" folks new to magick into being able to perform the rituals without doubt. Hypnotizing them, so that a higher percentage of newbies would get results than otherwise.

But, all the ritual underneath is imho surprisingly well-crafted. So, if one has any skills at all, the system is clean and effective. You have been building Bardon muscles. Now putting those to work through NAP I think is completely in character with Bardon, I think.

Congrats. Maybe you have a new "project" thread here. :thinking


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Re: Magick Mentor Experience

Post#26 » Fri Oct 25, 2013 9:38 pm

I also have a problem with one of my best friends who started to blackmail me in a surprisingly rude and impolite way. Everyday's activities don't go the way I wished. Everything goes well but it goes a hard way.

I haven't worked on the magic mentor section yet, but I suspect yours might be having the effect of revealing who your real friends are, by elimination. In other words, your friend is starting to show their true colours. Forgive me if I've got this wrong. It's just a theory.

I am very tired and exhausted. I would like to see an easy way, for a change.

Since I started working with NAP spirits, I've felt tired and depressed; in fact I've just come out of a short but intense period of feeling very tired and low, to the point where I've wondered what is the point of living. During this period, I found it very difficult to accept my situation fully, and often wished for an easier time dealing with it.

I suspect it's got a lot to do with the issue of coming to terms with "what is". And possibly I was overdoing it, because for about a month, I was doing NAP magic daily to try and tackle a difficult personal situation, and the period of depression and tiredness hit me hardest when I took a break from doing NAP.

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Re: Magick Mentor Experience

Post#27 » Sat Oct 26, 2013 2:16 am

Provenant and Silverfly thanks!

This is the first time after six months that I got sick with fever, so I took it as a good opportunity to evoke Hasperim (a Bardonian spirit) to help me recover and give me my strength back. But most of the time I have been working with my new Magick Mentor who really seems to be a very kind spirit. In meditations and in my dreams we went together from one episode of my life to another commenting past things and people who used to be parts of my past. I think that he wants to know as much as possible of my life. And I decided not to hide anything from him. He is not of that kind of spirits who would blame his students. I asked him if we had met before and he said that he was my new spiritual guide.

My friends from this board gave me very interesting comments and advice on my decision to start cooperation with my new Magick Mentor. I fully agree that working with many magical systems is a challenge to many magicians and that some rituals can be like "to be smoking and working with explosives inside a pool gull of gas". In this situation, Magick mentor can really be one of the best solutions as a link or a messanger between us and the spirits from different magical systems.

And I hope that my work with Bardon is going to give me a leg up with any of NAP. And I believe Provenent when he said that Gray Cobb "used the stories and the writing style to attempt to trick folks new to magick into being able to perform the rituals without doubt" and that "if one has any skills at all, the system is clean and effective". If I have hopefully built Bardon muscles, now I can try to put those to work through NAP, and I also agree that it is completely in character with Bardon.

I found out that Bardonian spirits are masters in revealing the truth about certain situations, people and friends. But the problem is that we can be terrified, shocked and saddened by what has been revieled. It is a hard way. I think that higher spirits want to push us toward perfection. Luckily, this dark episode with one of my best friends who tried to blackmail me with his emotions is over. He wrote me that he loves me and that he doesn't want our friendship to be harmed in any way. I agreed with him with relief and thanked my new Magick Mentor for helping us out of this uneasy situation.

And Gromvol is totally right. The problem with my good friend started when I rejected participating in all the turmoil. He was pushing me into some ventures which I was not ready to accept. After my visit to Turkey, I can not do really anything else then to wait for the results in hope they come and to jump into a new action when time is right. So, maybe, my new task now is really very simple: relax and enjoy in being non-active.
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Re: Magick Mentor Experience

Post#28 » Mon Dec 03, 2018 8:38 am

i've seriously started working with NAP one week ago and suffering from a serious throat pain for the last 4 days.
Just wondering is it a common symptom of working with NAP?
I'm that type of person who hardly gets sick. :thinking

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Re: Magick Mentor Experience

Post#29 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:14 pm

Libra wrote:i've seriously started working with NAP one week ago and suffering from a serious throat pain for the last 4 days.
Just wondering is it a common symptom of working with NAP?
I'm that type of person who hardly gets sick. :thinking

I and some other magicians I've known have had the experience of getting sick (how sick, depends upon your starting condition) after doing magical work, especially if a large energy raise/release was involved. I have fibromyalgia and this actually governs what types of magic I do (inwardly focused and healing work, mostly) because many ritual forms I've done have resulted in me having debilitating symptoms. I.e., it has to be worth it, and I will be doing a lot of health-focused and energy-recouping work for weeks afterward. Perhaps other magicians have found a way around this.
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