Guide to those who ask for help (Please Read Before Asking)

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Guide to those who ask for help (Please Read Before Asking)

Post#1 » Mon Oct 03, 2011 6:07 pm

This is a guide to those of you who are coming to this forum asking for our help in dealing with serious magical problems. I understand that you may feel what you are going through is incredibly important and imperative but please listen to what I have to say as this might help you.

This forum exists for the purpose of self growth and the communication of magical theory about evocation and enochian (primarily) but we do have a hefty general magic and modern magic section were we discuss general occultism and other areas such as voudon, witchcraft, and the like. But our purpose, our reason for being here isn’t to help you. But like any place people who need help will find the place that they feel holds the best possible place for assistance and will come here and ask questions (or ask for help).

Before you sit down and make a long post and spend thirty minutes detailing how horrible things are for you, realize that you already have resources that you should be expanding before coming here. If you are a college student or high school student, your school comes with guidance counselors they are here to help you through whatever problems that you may be going through in order to help you back on your feet and to help you through emotional turmoil. If you have health insurance you have access to professional psychiatrist and shrinks who do the same thing.

Even if you don’t have these things, if you are able to post on this forum then you have access to a loved one, a good friend, or someone who is wise and can give you advice. The reason is this, we create as many problems as we try to solve. We often put ourselves into dangerous mental and physical places by overextending ourselves or not thinking about what we are doing and why we are doing it. These professionals exist for the purpose of helping you answer the question of why you are doing something. If you can’t figure out the why you are doing something you shouldn’t be trying to do it as if you have a bad reason well you essentially walking around angry with a loaded gun with the safety off then you might hurt someone who is an innocent. So please first of all seek “Professional Help”.

If you have done this and you are still not satisfied (notice this does not mean ignore the professional if they don’t tell you what you want to hear), then we can talk about spirituality, keep in mind that 9/10 “spiritual” problems are actually just psychological and mental health issues. I want to ask you if you are here to protect yourself or to hurt someone. Like I said if you are walking around angry with a loaded gun you might hurt an innocent and thus I advise you to go to a spiritual adviser or a psychologist.

In both cases magic as we practice it, is not some sort of vending machine where you hit a button and out comes a result. There is heavy work with the self involved. If you have not worked on this, you can often have problems. If you have time and this is not something that needs to be rushed (if it does need to be rushed I will cover this later) I advise you to do two things. The first is to start meditating (notice meditating and not sitting there thinking about how angry or sad you are) and the second is to find a spiritual teacher/adviser.

If you live near a city than this is easy, \ there are magical shops, covens (do your research and find one that is respected by the larger magickal community and is not a bunch of people who are sitting there to socialize in a like minded group), and orders that you can go to. I do not recommend a solitary teacher unless they come highly vouched by the community as they themselves might have problems or take advantage of you.

If you are living in an area without access to this, groups like the BOTA, OTO, and other orders have correspondence courses that you can take and that will help you. Also keep your search to all other areas of spirituality as you might find someone who will not necessarily be able to help you in your form of belief, but can give you generally good tips (Keep in mind that path’s lead to the same divinity). Once you are settled in your self you can find a path that you need to travel and what you need to do.

Now of course most people feel that they HAVE to do magic now in order to correct what is going on. If you can’t do anything but magic because you feel that is what you need to do, you must use all other means to do so. If you feel you cannot do this and must use magic, I urge you to seek professional help once again as this is a serious problem in itself. If if you can't do the basics of magic then sitting there and doing a ritual probably will not help you terribly much if you are trying to do "advanced" magic.

The biggest thing I recommend is to look for a professional magician/psychic (who carries good references) or a magic store and ask for help with your problems as you are probably not going to get very far on your own, and might incidentally hurt either yourself or someone who is innocent. If you can’t do that, meditation and basic candle magic is the way to go.

The most important thing that I can tell you and I will repeat is 9/10 “Spiritual Problems” that we take to be baneful spirits, hexes, curses, gris-gris, or other negative magic are actually psychological problems and can be worked through with help from your friends, family, loved ones, and professional psychologists. Often enough black magic is used in such a way to take advantage of these psychological problems and tip the balance to make someone mentally unstable and unbalanced thus resulting in them hurting themselves.

One of the strongest ways to defend your self, is to simply will “I will you upon yourself”. If the person is innocent than harm will come, while if they try to hurt you they will just hurt themselves

Think about it please before asking.

Please keep in mind that several of our senior members do help people professionally and you may ask them (or me) for help as professional magicians.
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