Revised Posting Rules

Cursing, Hexing, Self Defense, the Qlippoth, Typhonion Magic, and other dark currents.
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This forum is for the discussion of techniques, procedures, resources and results specific to Black Magic.
Any discussion relating to the morality of conducting Black Magic is explicitly forbidden.
What people do and how they do it is up to them. If it offends you, please keep it to yourself or take the discussion to PM.

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Revised Posting Rules

Post#1 » Mon Jun 02, 2008 8:44 am

Please read this post, these are the revised rules for posting in the Black Magick section.


We are having to update these rules because we are not happy with the content of many of the topics on this forum. EvoMag was always intended to be a small forum for adepts to discuss techniques and philosophies, the focus was on fewer, high quality threads instead of the usual spam that fills forums of Occult nature. As such we are having to become very strict, especially with this, the Black Magick forum.

Objectives (What can I post in here from a content perspective?)

This forum is about techniques, procedures, resources and results specific to Black Magick. In this forum we can discuss:

1) Spells that you have cast and the results that you have obtained
2) Techniques that you use and discussion regarding refining and enhancing those techniques
3) Black Magick books, spell components, material and other resources - this includes asking about where to get hard to find material
4) LHP and Black Magick philosophy, theories on ascension through the LHP, meditations, Qlippoth and the tunnels of Seth

Prohibition (What can I not post in here?)

To be very clear and to avoid causing offense later, let it be known that everything in this forum is at the sole discretion of the moderators and site owner. If you post in this forum, you agree that you have no rights and no recourse to anything or anyone. If we feel that your post is inappropriate for any reason, it will be locked or deleted. If we feel that your behaviour is inappropriate for any reason, you will be warned or banned.

The following is a guide of what cannot be posted in this forum:

1) You may not have any discussion relating to the morality of conducting Black Magick
2) You may not spell-beg
3) You may not ask what the effects of a specific spell are, or ask if anybody has cast that spell, unless you yourself have already cast that spell and are either trying to trouble shoot or compare results. Don’t push me on this, if I suspect that you are lying about actually casting the spell, you will be banned immediately
4) You may not troll or flame. Trolling will result in a warning, flaming will result in being banned. This includes one-line answers with no substance or humour
5) You may not post on this forum unless you are already experienced in Black Magick. I know this sounds harsh, but this is not a site for beginners, please respect the sanity of the mods and attend primary school for magick at any of the other sites or forums that cater to beginners. Any posts along the lines of “I am new to magick...”, or, “Newbie here just wanting to know...” will result in banning
6) Immaturity will not be tolerated. This site is not run by idiots or children and we have no interest in interacting with either. An immature attitude is immensely disrespectful and will result in banning
7) Trophy hunting is forbidden. Black Magickians do not lauder their own results.
8) Preaching is forbidden
9) Anything off topic is forbidden. If you want to discuss Solomic evocation, there is a forum for that. Voodoo, there is a forum for that, modern grimoires, there is a forum for that as well
10) Any reference to the possible harm to a child born or unborn will result in you being banned immediately.

If you have a concern regarding a topic that you would like to post, but are unsure if it violates these rules and you would prefer not to be banned, please PM me to ask and wait until I respond before posting the topic

Thank you,


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