Cursing on auto-repeat?

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Cursing on auto-repeat?

Post#1 » Fri Jan 27, 2023 1:44 pm

I was discussing recently with someone about placing curses on people on "auto-repeat". That is, a fire-and-forget situation where the magician sets up a curse to repeat at specific intervals (such as every 3 years), without directing any more attention or energy into the situation, and which will continue after the magician's death, affecting the person's descendants.

This person was insisting that it is possible but was not able to explain how it is done.

Have you done this/seen it done directly, and, if yes, how?

(I can think of some ways it might be done in which one continues to feed energy into the system, such as caring for a talisman or spirit object; or constructing something which triggers according to astrological cycles; or if a cursed object is given to another person and it continues to act on them whenever they are near it; or perhaps a self-replicating servitor which feeds off of attention; or maybe spirits can do it without explaining how, if they are sufficiently motivated. However I am not sure about this specific method that he was talking about.)

(Note: I am not planning to do this myself, so I am not trying to do "spell begging", but I am trying to consider the possibility of what this person said.)

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