An Orobas Story: Why I Will Never Do Magick For Other People Again

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An Orobas Story: Why I Will Never Do Magick For Other People Again

Post#1 » Sun Oct 30, 2022 3:23 pm

To be clear, I will still do spiritual work for people that I am very close to still, but I will never again do work for people that I am not close to even when they ask me to do it. Now I understand why people charge money. People do not appreciate what we do when we do it for free.

My sister-in-law is an attorney that rents office space from another attorney. I do not really like my sister-in-law. To be fair though, I do not like most people. The other attorney and her mother are Cuban witches. There are all sorts of people in Miami that practice magick. Most of them are amateurs, but there are quite a number of ATR initiates in the city too. Luckily these two are not initiates.

The Cuban witch attorney mostly just curses people that bother her. She and her mother decided on a whim to curse my sister-in-law since she was regularly shrieking in the law office at my sister-in-law. My sister-in-law had an intense nightmare where the Cuban witch and her mother were attacking her. In my experience, this is can be a sign of being hexed. A couple of unfortunate events also happened.

She tells my wife about this I decide to help her since it is her sister and I dealt with the hex. She was also freaking out about the fact that this woman was acting really abusively toward her in the office. She felt that she had to leave, but rent prices for office space are very high right now.

After she asks me, I decide to help her more. I evoke Orobas for the first time. I ask him to help her find a good opportunity to move to a new office and to get the same price for rent. During the evocation, I ask Orobas if he can get this witch to behave nicely to my sister-in-law until I can get her to move. We negotiate some offerings that he wants after he finds the place and then weekly offerings in exchange for him to get this woman and her mother to behave.

Orobas comes through like a champ. She ends up with an offer out of the blue for the same price AND the witches start acting incredibly nice to her. My sister-in-law says it is the nicest they have ever treated her. They are on great terms now.

I tell my sister-in-law that I am basically paying an entity to make them nice and that I am only going to do this temporarily until she leaves the office. I tell her that if I stop what I am doing, the situation will likely deteriorate very very fast.

I do this for six weeks and then my sister-in-law decides that she does not want to move because moving is a hassle. I do six weeks of work for this woman and some of it was time consuming and unpleasant. I am not pacting for this woman. She shows almost no gratitude for what I did for her. I am evoking Orobas this week and I am going to tell him to no longer help my sister-in-law in her office. She can clean up her own mess once they start treating her bad and hexing her again. I am done.

Most of the people I have done work for that I am not close to show very little appreciation for the work I have put in to help them with their situations.

From now on, I am only helping those that I am close to.

Anyone else find themselves in situations where people are completely ungrateful for your help?

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