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To curse with Elubatel help

Posted: Sun Feb 21, 2021 11:50 pm
by summerland
I've used Brothers Tim's curse many years before it worked quite well but not the results I wanted. I wish not to go into details about it. The reason I want to curse someone is justifiable.

My aunt was placed into a nursing home by her power of atty. He is absolutely no kin to her at all. She wants to leave but she is confined there in prisioned. Hes trying to rule her incompetent and she is no way incompetent. He has sold her home took her car wiped out her accounts and took her dog. She has 1.6 mil in a charles swab account hes after.

He cant get his hands on until she is ruled incompetent. He filed for guardianship and conservator once that is done their is nothing I can do. I obtained a atty for her but she is reluctant to do anything. I am looking for another. I need to get her and her dog back and get them outta there asap. He wont let her leave and he want let me on the premises.

Would Elubatel be a good spirit to use in this case? Has anyone experienced using him/her in this way. I've worked with Elubatel for many years but not called a pond him in this way. I am careful in summing Elubatel. This is threading in new water for me.