Intranquil Spirit Spell

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Intranquil Spirit Spell

Post#1 » Tue Mar 14, 2017 3:57 pm

Hello all,

I've read almost everything there is to read about this spell, its use, experiences, results, you name it. I've used it before with success.
This is my fourth day working this spell. I used a simple pink candle inscribed with the name of the target, a makeshift crucifix and no oil, because I didn't have any. I know simple extra virgin olive oil, with the right intent, could be just as effective.
I feel that the spell is in effect, to be honest, I feel it myself. There has been no contact at all since the breakup, a week ago.

On one thing there are different opinions: Is it very important to not be the first to make contact?
Because tomorrow, March 15th, is the anniversary of his mother's death. She had cancer, it was ugly, and he was her main caretaker. If he feels any sadness at all about the breakup at all, then combined with tomorrow should be its own circle of hell.
I was thinking I could reach out, write a simple email, saying I remember about today, and that I'm there if he wants to talk. Just to be a decent human being really. It might open the window of communication again, but, some believe the spell will be over if you make contact, and you have to start from scratch again. I don't want that either.
I know my target well, and he's stubborn. He's not quick to make contact (even with regular friends), so instead of a guilt trip, I'd need a guilt travel agency.

I'm sorry about the novel. When you lose someone close to you, it feels like a death, and it puts your whole life into perspective. That's what he wanted to tell me before, that school stress and futilities don't matter, life is short, can end at any time, and you're never prepared for it. But this paradigm shift came too late.
I hope I didn't unknowingly break any forum rules. I was just wondering if there are any insights, or opinions about this matter, anything would be greatly appreciated.

- Carys

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