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Sloth Curse

Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2016 2:36 pm
by Astar_Mundi
This might be an odd post, but here goes.

I fear that I have been given a strange curse that doesn't directly destroy anything, but instead, slows the recipient of the curse down in all aspects of their life.

Of late, I have found I am lazy as all Hell, and slowed down to a level of laziness I've only seen in cats or tree sloths.

I am slow, lethargic and just really, slow. Whilst I get things done, I have take about double or triple the time it would take others. I read slowly, game slowly and go about things like a lazy sloth. At work it takes 3 coffees to get things done, though usually I am okay with the energy of others around me during the day. Half the reason I know anything about magic is due to the fact I often spend up to 12 hours a day on the weekend in my study or in the tub reading grimoires and pottering about absent-mindedly with my gadgets, gizmos, wands, cards, crystals and potions.

Not only slow as a sloth, but also, a pig. I spent the rest of my free time (other than chasing women), either being a glutton for food or drink (I spent $300 on a week's food recently), lazing around in my hot tub reading grimoires for hours, or sitting like a sloth in my library chair for up to 12 hours.

I find time passes so fast, and I amble through slowly, like a man lost inside an opalescent glass dream that is reality.

This weekend, I actually slept overnight in the library, in my chair. That's how long I was sitting there.
I couldn't be bothered walking down the hall to my bedroom.

I used Agrippa's 3 books of Occult Philosophy as a pillow, as I have a rather large and soft edition.

Astrologically, I have no idea where this extreme and excessive torpor comes from. Jupiter in Cancer is a potential culprit.

This is not normal, and I fear it is either a bizarre curse or some strange inner imbalance to be so slothful.

If you have experienced a similar curse or know of any curses that use this method, do write a post.