Dealing with SnapBack

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Dealing with SnapBack

Post#1 » Thu Feb 19, 2015 4:05 am

One of the issues that is sometimes discussed here is how to prevent or reduce recoil of a curse back onto the originator. Also how to address counter-attack. Speaking for myself sometimes it has taken me a while to realise that an attack is occurring if it was done subtly.

Over the years I have had to deal with a number of magical aggressions against me and I admit that I have occasionaly done a Magickal working Of retaliation. More recently if this happens it tends to be a Franz Bardon style electromagnetic volt procedure.

I have stumbled onto a basic thing that other people may know but have not mentioned.

I have been making and taking Spagyric preparations and I have found that they have an effect in the world not just on the physical body. It is almost like some kind of dungeons and dragons potion that does a spell of minor effect I remember from my teenage years. I realised this recently when taking the Spagyric elixir a kind of insidious slow work of malice against me became revealed and broken. I take the Spagyric preparation and in this instance there is a mild headache and a feeling of kind of pushing then something kind of gives and events in the world (in this case email) show what was done.

So as a thought experiment if I were to be taking Spagyric elixirs and did a curse against someone would the elixirs insulate me from recoil/SnapBack and give me automatic defence against counter attack?

I would value the opinions of people who are more experienced in this field.

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