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Blood Sacrifice

Posted: Mon May 19, 2014 12:19 am
by Breathing Notes
First off I would like to thank this community, it is a very special thing. This is my first post, but granted I have read thoroughly on the topic of invocation and follow more or less the daemonolotry path, and ea koettings evocation program.

I have chosen a specific daemon (zepar)to establish a working relationship, with a long term task to be assigned. He accepted, through my practice of opening his sigil and asking him directly, for I am still constructing my tools and researching how I should prepare my circle, etc before I perform the actual ritual.
Interestingly, he said he wants a blood sacrifice, and more specifically, a lamb. I live in the southern United States, and so getting one won't really be a problem, but finding a secluded place and the whole legality of it is pretty touchy. Has anyone performed or even considered this, or is this daemon simply testing me to see if I will yield to him? Most likely I will go through with it anyway, since I find it logical due to my demands being long term, but I am open to any advice or suggestions if anyone has had similar results from required offerings to a daemon to have a working relationship.