The Punish My Enemy Rite

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The Punish My Enemy Rite

Post#1 » Sat Apr 10, 2021 1:01 am

Hello my friends, how are you doing! I hope is everything ok :D

I will describe in this post my experience using the Punish My Enemy Rite from the Carl Nagel book - Demonic and Sexual Magick and I would like to hear some of your thoughts about it.

I'm using this curse to destroy a target's life (yeah, I know. We are all adults here and we know where we are stepping into), so I´m doing it by the book, but increasing some elements:

1- I do daily take a cleansing bath/shower (which is part of my routine)
2- LBRP daily too same as above
3- Prayers for protection same as above

For the rite, I'm reciting the curse every day at the hour of Saturn, and in the day of Saturn, I burn a black candle engraved with the name of my target (no oil) to maximize the energy of the curse while channeling my anger and disgust for my target while looking at the target photo. During the rite, I felt some presence gathering around me and some shadows approaching me as they were there listening and paying attention to what I´m doing with no harmful intent towards me.

I´m entering my fourth week performing the rite every night, but I don't feel that my curse is working at all. Now I'm living distant from where my target is, so I can't see what's happening there, besides we have some colleagues in common which I could use to receive some updates indirectly.

I know three weeks is a very short time for work like that, I didn't ask for my target's death but asked for the destruction of financial life, academic life, and for deteriorating healthy (why not :mrgreen: ) as a payment for all the damage and harm caused by this individual. So Since it's a complex task now while I'm writing this I realize that:

Maybe I'm asking too much from a "simple" curse?
I´m doing something wrong with my ritualistic?
Maybe the target has some unknown shield?
Or I´m not skilled enough to perform that kind of transformation (I'm starting to believe in that).

I haven't asked/performed any ritual with a spirit from Goetia/Angel/Planetary yet, since I don't like to bother the higher in intelligence with such trivial matters.
But last week I make some divination with my tarot deck asking for some guidance with this individual and what should I do about it.
The cards showed me that I should stop what I'm doing and change to work the 16º Angel from the Shem Hamphorash, which I found out align more with how I feel towards the situation.

So I would like to hear your impressions from my experience. What would you change, do better, don't do it, etc.

I also received a great piece of advice from a great member from here about exercising my patience, since works like this one may take years (what I would hate to see).

Since I scheduled to perform the rite until the end of April, I will start by the first week of May to work towards the new approach with this angel and maybe using the psalm 109, which I will post on this forum on the right section.

Sorry for taking your time and take care!

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