Norwegian spell to stop bleeding.

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Norwegian spell to stop bleeding.

Post#1 » Sun Jun 03, 2018 6:46 pm

Northern Norway has a rich tradition of folk magic, both by the norwegians and the saami people. Here is a old folk spell that has worked for me both times I had occasion to use it, once on me and once on another person.
This spell and variations is found all over northern Norway. Handling knives and other sharp tools with cold wet hands(so 9-10 months of the year) often leads to accidents, which might be why this spell is so common.

Spell to stop bleeding:

Der vokste tre roser som Herren bød
Den ene hvit, den andre rød
Den tredje het Guds vilje
Blod, stå stille!


Three roses grew, gifts from God
One is white, the other red
The third is God's will
Blood, be stilled!

In my mind the white rose is undamaged skin, the red rose the wound, bleeding, both options offered you by God. Then you invoke the will of God as the third rose and command the blood to cease flowing.

In Norwegian this is a perfect rhyme and the cadence naturally rises to a forceful ending. I can feel power rising when speaking it, unleashing at the final sentence. First time using it I was shocked as the previously profusely bleed cut in my hand immidiatly stopped bleeding. I could feel that it would work as I was speaking it. Next time it was my fiance who cut herself quite badly and she(sceptic by heart) too was stunned by the immidate effect.

Maybe someone with a better command of the english language could make the translation rhyme as well and see if it keeps it's power?

Anyways, may it serve you well in times of need!

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