Experiences with Spirit

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Experiences with Spirit

Post#1 » Mon Jul 03, 2023 3:22 pm

I’d like to share a story with you about brokering peace between man and spirit. A fairly recent work experience to get some discussion going around spiritual practice & how we connect with the land.

A client came to me a month or two ago, and we spoke about some harrowing experiences that she had been having in her life to date. To give you a brief rundown, the following things occurred after she transgressed a boundary enforced by magick:

  • The boyfriend who originally attacked the psychic responsible for the initial curse was murdered. It was partially murder, partially suicide, as I understand it. The boyfriend stuck a gun in his mouth while drinking and goofing around with a buddy. His
    buddy is the one who pulled the trigger.
  • Same friend, who pulled the trigger later overdosed on a speedball.
  • The son of the boyfriend who was murdered in this scenario shared above also died by tragedy. I won’t go into details there.
  • Before reaching out to me, she was attacked by a man she was dating & he stabbed her seven times. This was the point at which she reached out to me.

This situation has been awful for her, because she spent roughly 3 decades chased and tormented and tortured by a spirit. She could not hold down a job, she could get no support socially. Anyone who ever got close to her turned on her and took advantage.
In every single instance in which she could have been offered a way out, she was offered a shovel to dig her own grave.

After determining that this was an angry spirit working against her, I was able to play mediator, working as a psychic medium and a negotiator, bridging the worlds between human and spirit to try to save her life....and it worked!!! :D Mediating between these two, I was able to work out an apology, and a means of getting her life back. Within the course of a month, she’s gone from being attacked viciously, sometimes nightly, to now being able to get her footing in the

All it really took was being willing to communicate with land spirits. That, and some time. Her life has done a complete 180 for the journey. If you’re experiencing something similar, I’d like to talk a little bit about that here. If you have past stories like this you’re comfortable with sharing, please, we’d love to hear them.

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