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Sigil Magick: Elimination of Vowels?

Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2013 3:52 am
by Omnis Validus
Pardon me if this has been brought up before, but I have a very simple question for those experienced with sigil magick. If you do so, why do you remove the vowels? If not, why? About the only explanation I think I've ever come across is that "Hebrew contains only consonants," but most of us are using English or some other language that is not Hebrew. How does someone using English as a basis for this work feel the removal of vowels from their statements in any way improves their results? This is just something I was considering and I felt this would be the best place to find some answers.

I started making complex glyphs from written statements before I ever got involved with magickal study, simply as a form of artistic expression that, at the time, I thought was innovative (teenage me was obviously mistaken :oops: .) But since shortly after that time I've studied and used sigilization regularly as a part of my own practice; and as simple as it would seem to someone unfamiliar with the practice, this may be the most consistently successful form of magick I've used. Not to make the point of this topic too broad, I'd like to say briefly that I can't recall any sigils I have created that have been ineffective - perhaps a few that presented very unexpected results, but none have ever failed. If I were to say that any magickal tech was foolproof, sigil magick would be the first thing on my mind. And, on all but a finger countable number of occasions, I always keep the vowels intact and simply eliminate any duplicate letters. This seems more natural to me, and allows me personally to arrive at a more pleasing finished product with ease.

I do not want anyone to argue over their opinions of one way being better than the other, I am just curious of what you choose to do with the vowels when simplifying your statements, and of your reasoning behind those choices.