The LBRP A Ritual Analysis

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The LBRP A Ritual Analysis

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As you have probably noticed I always suggest people do as best they can to break down ritual, just like you would any piece of music if you were a musician or the forms if you were practicing a martial art. I had to do an assignment on the LBRP as part of my order work in the OSDL many many years ago I thought I would post it. I probably would change a few things now but I am posting it as is. I hope it helps some of you.. I might move this to the blog..

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

The LBRP in my opinion is one of the simplest but most misunderstood rituals. It is the cornerstone of the development of the magician, and key in the development of not just banishing, but over a period of time has an effect on the individual, it is also a basic structure that may be most useful as an individual learns how to adapt it to their particular resonance. The LBRP is more than just a preparatory banishing, or cleansing ritual, done prior to meditation or other ritual work, for the increase in psychic force. In this aspect the ritual is different because it cleanses the area for working, as opposed to regular banishing, which release or disperse energy previously invoked during the ritual. The ritual also has an invoking mode, and can be used as is, to allow an opening of the four Quarters of the ritual circle for an increased awareness of the individual Elemental energies present. Ok but what does it all mean? let’s get into the technicalities of the operation of the LBRP without making things to complicated I have spent a lot of time over analysing this ritual down to almost what path on the tree of life your robe waves around in the wind whilst formulating the pentagrams that’s all well and good but this assignment is my take on the LBRP and what I understand or have learnt by practicing it over an extended period of time. The LBRP is called lesser because it acts lower on the TOL. It utilizes the banishing pentagram of Earth, and no other Pentagrams. The Pentagram having four points corresponds to the four elements of Earth, plus a spirit point on Top.
These pentagrams are derived from the Enochian tablets of the four elements laid out in a square (with the tablet of union above them). But as Frater Yechidah pointed out to me earlier this week the origin of this was probably derived by layering it over the wheel of the Zodiac.

There are many theories in regards to the origins of the pentagram. But doing my research there is no predefined source, it’s too ancient in my humble honest opinion to make any conclusions? Aleister Crowley mentioned that this ritual properly understood, “It is the Medicine of Metals and the Stone of the Wise”. As I understand it the pentagram represents the operation of the four Elements and Spirit under the presidency of the divine name Yeheshuah.or the Pentagrammaton. This name represents the operation of Spirit in the midst of the four Elements. Using this Ritual when I first started out, more than anything connected me or balanced me within its structure. It contains certain magical formulae which can assist in the initiatory process. It is, to all intents and purposes, a Ritual of Self-Initiation a rite of passage. I can only compare it to waking up from a long sleep and having a different perspective on life. As almost instantaneously the details of life started emerging in that I started noticing things that I considered trivial or unimportant. Over long period of use its still offers up revelations time and time again. Other effects that I experienced was a positive effect on my personality it forced me to work out some issues. People fell out of my life and it brought out suppressed issues that needed addressing. I also perceived it had an effect on those around me, I am not sure if they perceived me differently? Or my own attitude had changed. I am now at the stage where I am trying to forge a stronger relationship with the archangels. I have successfully worked with Raphael in regards to some healing. I can state that it was awe inspiring. The first time I made contact it was no big deal I always pray to YHVH starting my day and daily ritual. Just after I evoked the Angels of the quarters, I asked Raphael to make himself known to me. After vibrating his name about five times I felt the sudden change in atmosphere in the room. I was pretty much taken off guard at the experience it was a very intense feeling. I asked him about my health and his responses where direct and came immediately. The only way to describe Raphael’s presence is very authoritative, overwhelming almost gracious. But powerful at the same time.

The LBRP is really interesting when you do it for a period of time, as it seems to have the effect like psychic hygiene or astral weight training, or charging your spiritual batteries as Frater Fio would put it, in that you're maintaining and developing your aura (or Circle or whatever?) in optimum condition through daily development. But after a while I've found that it simultaneously re-enforces the belief that the universe around you is full of 'astral stuff' that needs to be banished and cleaned off. There is no clear cut way to explain this? And I find talking to those that have been practicing this ritual for a prolonged period of time understand what I am talking about.

The angelic Sentinels of the Quarters: The Archangels are not merely the guardians against the Banished Elements at the Quarters. They must be called upon to guard the very ends of eternity from the Elements, as well as all aspects that they rule: in their Quarters and Sephiroth. The very names of the Archangels contain keys to their Dominions. I find this quote very very important as I have spoken to a lot of Practitioners who just go through the motions they do not have the respect for the divinity and power of the Hebrew angels. I feel there is more power in actually having the religious connection with YHVH maybe it’s my Christian background?

Practice Outline:

When you perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, you begin by aspiring to the highest concept you can imagine, by the vibration of Atah, "To Thou, Essence." This is then affirmed on Earth with Malkuth, and in the balance of forces that rule the universe, Geburah and Gedulah. It is then affirmed in Eternity as Le Olahm, Amen - "To the Ages of Ages, so be it." You have, with the Qabalistic Cross, placed yourself at the centre of the Universe, having first brought the divine presence into your heart, mind and body. Next you go on to cleanse the four quarters of the Universe with pentagrams of fire, affirming Man as the mirror of the Divine Image and with the ability to control the elements through spirit, the topmost point. The deity names are sent thundering through to the Ends of the Universe and back again. Your Magical Universe is then defined by the marking of the circle of light, another reminder of Spirit, and of Kether the Godhead, the Crown of the Tree of Life. The drawing of the four pentagrams automatically invokes spirit, the fifth point, and so raises the microcosmic consciousness to the level of the macrocosm, having completely sealed the circle against the Outer Darkness, the World of unbalanced forces called Qliphoth. This Hebrew word means literally, "Shells". (Those who court the favours of Venus should do well to remember that she is often depicted as riding upon one!) Malkuth is shown divided into four sections of colour on the Tree diagram: citrine, russet, olive and black in the colours of the Queen Scale. The black part, representing the Dead End of Matter, the point of maximum inertia in the Universe, abuts onto the World of Shells, the husks or discarded astral remnants that souls departing the earth plane have left. This world is also inhabited by many other undesirable waste products of the Universe, including thought forms of a very low order.

Now, with the power of the pentagram and the Ineffable Name, you have sealed yourself off from the outer world, the profane world of ignorance and darkness, from the false and the unseemly. By this act you have called into operation themacrocosm, as the Greater Voice responding to the lesser. Therefore, above you and below you, as if you stood in a vertical column, appears the six-rayed star of the cosmos, the hexagram of two interlaced triangles. If you were to count all of the points of the pentagrams and hexagrams, you would have thirty-two, the total number of the Sephiroth plus the twenty-two paths of the Tree of Life. You stand in a Palace built for the Indwelling Glory, the Shekinah, the Soul of God. Light spelled in Roman numerals LVX adds up to sixty-five, and so does the Divine Name of Malkuth Adonai (ADNI). Six is the macrocosm, the Divine Being, and five is the number of man in the Lower World. The union of these two is the object of the Great Work. In the ordinary case, by cleansing and banishing your sphere, you would have left inside that sphere a kind of vacuum. This is not a good thing to do, for in nature anything left empty does not stay empty for long! So you continue, and by the clockwise direction of your movement you evoke the Archangels, guardians drawn from the Briatic World of Creation. Correspondingly a spiritual brightness appears in the aura as the four elements are brought into perfect balance.
Your position in the centre constitutes spirit, and by adding Above and Below to the four elemental directions in space, the six of the macrocosm is once more confirmed. Finally you repeat again the Qabalistic Cross which places the flame of the Eternal in your heart, the centre of the Magical Universe. And this procedure, when well-practiced, can be completed perfectly well in all of two minutes of your time!

Information References :
Modern Magic: Donald Michael Kraig
Circles of Power : John Michael Greer
Remember 'For the Man of Religion, Believes in God, The Magician, Knows God.'
(Ars Solomonis)

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