Training With Teachers - A Review

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Training With Teachers - A Review

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I recently closed out a two week training session with Mark Rasmus and it was an incredible experience. We worked through Bardon's The Practice of Magical Evocation over 10 days of daily meditation work. Instead of evoking the spirits what we did was work through a selection of spirits from the Earth to the Sun with invocation. Each day we worked through a sphere and were supported and guided by Mark, not only energetically but also through lecture. As someone who is looking to meet with and train with as many different teachers as possible, as well as start organizing events to expand and grow teaching with this new enlightenment that's growing. I couldn't recommend a better teacher for this experience. One thing I think many people who are seekers forget though is that each person is human and they have areas they are strong in and areas they are not. I think that's why so many people wrongfully dismiss having a teacher, because they incorrectly expect one being to have all the answers and that's just silly. Mark's ability to speak master to master, or as some may say, soul to soul, is what drew me to him as a teacher and what led me to find a deep respect as one of his students. I also enjoyed his way of translating his understanding of multiple systems into a class that aligned and developed the skills to accelerate ones own development in a short period of time. He is definitely a master and one I hope continues to keep sharing and growing those of us looking to bring Light to the world.

Personally, I have often loved working in magical groups that develop the necessary interpersonal skills to polish each person, and give space for their transformation. One thing I saw that would have improved things within a group training, would be using some of the modern tools we have for managing interpersonal charges, group astral/mental tuning in and explaining how the ascension process we are going through works. It was very clear to me that even those working through Bardon's system are deeply lacking in understanding the modern understanding of the egoic structure and how to leverage it as a tool for showing where development is needed. I saw this in the group on some level and I see it much more in the online Bardon groups and magical groups I'm in. I wonder if this is a remnant of a time when magic had to be underground and thus was considered a lonely, or solitary path, to be one with God. Now with Magic being all over the world and part of pop culture, I see that aspect coming to an end and the only thing really holding it up from dying is the "I found this band before they were popular" attitude some still have within themselves. Well, now there's some competition and if you found it before, you've got years of practice and maybe lifetimes behind that, so this old, "I might die if I'm a healer/magician/teacher/etc." can finally fall a away, decompose and be reborn as something newer.

I think, on an individual level, this is because many who work with astral mirrors may mistake their wounded behavior as authentic traits and not as aspects that require healing and transformation. The system explains what to do with this but modern tools do it so much better for a wider range of issues (like who still has shame after doing a week long tantric workshop or fear of death after numerous ego deaths). Much of these problems have been solved and are pretty standard within modern transformational and consciousness based systems, medicine work and healing practices. On a personal note, I realize just how little many people understand the simple explanation Bardon puts forth of the theory of the Universal Religion. They place the man in the center again instead of really reading what he is putting forth and understanding just how many different things he learned and practiced to put it all together. It doesn't take a genius to know that the whole first tarot card is tantra but that Bardon had to hide this in plain sight because he was living in post WW2 Eastern Europe. Not a place known well for their emotional intelligence, development or shame free comfort with sexuality. I should know, I grew up in a half Czech household. Yet, point out that Bardons system is just one way and it is comprised of Kabballah, yoga, tantra, budhism, and more into a very well developed cohesive system and that one should also read and practice the related works and watch how peoples ego's respond. Something I see that I will have to address in my own teaching practice.

I have had other teachers such as Ohed Pele, who were great and helped me learn and heal a lot through tantric shamanism (even if some of my teachers have showed me how Not to do things :D ). I am now embarking on a new journey as a teacher and leader in new fields for me within the magical community and I could not have opened this door without the masterful skill and mentorship I experienced with Mark.

As we step forward into the kingdom, I cannot wait until we see all the miracles the Light brings. If there are those of you here who would like to train together, either through zoom or in person (I'm in Chicago but will be traveling) I would love to connect and help grow more of the light together. For those at Burning Man this year I'm looking to host my event again, "The Lions Den", if anyone here is going to be in the desert this year and would like a space to share or teach there, it's going to be a lot of fun, drop me a DM. I'd also love to hear what everyone else's teacher and mentorship experience has been like, outside of being part of an official order such as the Golden Dawn. As a group of the best light bringers in the world, there is nothing better then helping each other illuminate the paths that each of us share.

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