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Black Flame Tarot

Post#1 » Mon Mar 29, 2021 8:54 pm

I thought I would give a review of a tarot deck I picked up recently, the Black Flame Tarot, created by Jennifer Chen. It is a hand designed deck which largely plays to the Rider Waite form of major and minor arcana, but with some new names for a few of the majors and the images are not strictly to symbolic form that one would find in a standard Rider Waite deck. The imagery may not be everyone's cup of tea, the majors have been crafted in more detail than the minors, but I really like it and the images have a good vibrant energy coming from them.

The deck stands on its own, and is not a meer iteration of the Rider Waite. For me, the spirit residing in this deck is very apparent, it does not shy away from making itself known. Most decks tend to be functional but a little muted for me, I have had a similar experience with the Quariea deck, but it was a very different personality.

I did an impromptu reading for a friend this morning, and the deck was flying through my hands like it was electric, flicking out relevant cards rather than shuffling until I get that 'answer is locked in' feeling and can't shuffle anymore, like I usually do. I attempted to do another basic four card draw with it for myself, and it kept throwing cards out before I could get them down. I took note but put them back in, determined to get my four card draw, then it threw three cards out across the floor in one flick that answered my question perfectly. Completely new experience for me from a deck. It seems very eager to give the answers you seek, and I remarked at the time that I wouldn't be entirely surprised if the deck grew legs and started following me around like a Terry Pratchett money chest.

Jennifer's packaging and presentation was fun and it is always nice to see something come through with care and love, rather than cold bubble wrap and an invoice. Anyway, if you are a collector of decks or looking for a new one, my experience of it so far has been incredibly positive. YMMV, but if you have it I would love to know what your experience has been with it. It is very accurate, engaging and a delight to work with. I've attached a stock image and you can find it on etsy if you are interested in it.
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