Thoughts on The Devil in magic?

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Thoughts on The Devil in magic?

Post#1 » Fri Dec 04, 2020 1:32 pm

Excuse my curiosity, but what is all your experiences with "The Devil"?

Now personally through my own very anecdotal experiences and maybe a bit of research. I tend to separate the big Three.

The Devil, Lucifer, and Satan.

Now I know that isn't particular controversial. I get the distinct "feeling" that The Devil in particular will come to any of the mentioned names. But scholarly research does point out "Lucifer" as a bad guy doesn't exist till the Latin Vulgate Bible (Translation error took a life of it's own!) Unless of course you're from the school of thought that Shahar is the same as "Light bringer" but I would argue that "Light Bringer" and "Dawn Bringer/Breaker" appear to be two different things... Not to mention St. Jerome and his scribes didn't really have the context that say that Isaiah the prophet had of Sumerian/Canaanite Deities. Isaiah is a book I revisit often because of this fact, I'm always trying to sort out if the translators of the Latin Vulgate knew what they were doing... or was it a strange mistake.

As well how Satan refers more to title? At least that's what Jewish scholars have told me. The Satan of Job is in fact apart of the heavenly court... the Good ole Venom of God.

Alas I digress. I made a pretty strange choice to try and figure out this whole devil business for myself which lead to a ritual I refined. The ritual in question hinges on a little folk tale one can find in St. John Seymour's "Irish Witchcraft and Demonology" and bit of typical run of the mill crossroads work.

The results of which lead to what I can only describe as todate my biggest magical success. IT took a lot of work, had some pitfalls... there was some pain involved. I got into a literal internet beef with a prosperity Gospel preacher as part of one pact. (A bizarre experience when I realized his audience was mostly... 13 year olds) But it lead to rapid explosion of my social media accounts, to the point I can monetize them. Which was sort of what I asked for at my final pact. (It's not a lot of money right now... but hey it's like enough for a free book every month, so I ain't complaining).

What I learned about our favorite crossroads inhabitant. Is that he can indeed deliver on a deal as long as you know what to pay. Things like "Sell your soul" or "kill people for me" are the intrusive thoughts meant to keep the uninitiated from figuring out this particular reality cheat code (weeding out the weak). The only limit is what you're willing to pay and the talents you possess. Good musicians have it particular easy, because he loves a guitar player. Art, Music, a Good story spun, is perhaps the easiest way to pay, but if you suck at those you need to find an alternative.

The actual evocation is a mix of underwhelming at times... from genuinely disturbing. I'm not a natural clairvoyant and spirit contact is "hard" for me because of that fact. I didn't "see" anything, but sure did feel like I had a tiger ready to pounce at me from the dark. The communication first started one way... but every successive ritual lead to more visceral experience. Up to, feeling like I was being stalked by a predator in the final ritual. I still can't return to that spot without a chill down my spine.

But I'll save you the rest, and for those interested, I can provide the "receipts" as the kids say nowadays, but with I'm holding those links cause I don't wanna run afoul of some self promotion rule. (something I completely understand, it's also not like I'm hurting for views these days).

But to return to my prior question, any of you work with The Devil in such a fashion? Strong opinions on it? Your own interesting take on what The Devil actually is?

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