The Lottery Spells

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The Lottery Spells

Post#1 » Tue May 14, 2019 12:04 am

Hello Spiritual Aspirants,

Yesterday was the perfect day for lottery gamble by the use of moon phase. This Lottery is stake once a month base on the moon phase.
This type of lottery spells works only on Ghanaian lotteries and other countries who have similar type of lotteries because in Ghana if you able to get two numbers correct you won. Ritual outline
>Palm tree branch
>Qur'an chapter 1
>Green candle
>Psalm 76(KJV)
>Lottery ticket
Jromoni evocation
Pick three numbers by divination (palm tree branch divination) while reciting Qur'an chapter 1 in Arabic.
Stake the number in small amount.
Use the ticket to do the candle spells.
Light the candle, open the Bible to Psalm 76, hold the ticket between your palm, recite the following spells 6x

O Lord, Rain Thine Luck Upon These Lottery Numbers
Grant (mention the numbers) a Lucky Win, a Sure And Certain Thing.

Recite Psalm 76 3x. Snuff off the candle and relight it the next days.
This spells is to repeat 3 to 4 consecutive days Use the same candle everyday
On second day afternoon summon Jromoni and ask him if at least 2 of the numbers are going drop. For the accurate prediction from Jromoni, tell him not to give you the answer right away rather demand the answer in your dream. He give 2 sign in a dream;
EATING which means NO you are not going to win
RUNNING and CHASING means YES you will win.
I started it yesterday but I didn't get anyone to help me to do the divination(palm tree divination require two people to do) so I roughly pick the numbers without Palm tree branch divination. The numbers are 61-45-24 and I will stake it on Monday Special Lotto in Ghana. If you live in Ghana tomorrow you can try your luck.
Blessed Be,

>Is Not I But Ant'harratu<

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