I'm writing this post on a hefty dose of flying ointment.

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I'm writing this post on a hefty dose of flying ointment.

Post#1 » Sat May 04, 2019 11:19 pm

That's how versatile and functional this visionary tool is. The hallucinations are generally limited to the context of the ritual and the closed eyes. I just decided I was done with my astral vision and opened my eyes. Basically, it was quite a powerful and revelatory experience, and I have a question for you guys. I was visited by every single spirit I have ever worked with. Demons, nature spirits, angels, even ancestors who I have never really tried working with. It was frightening at first, but it became a vision of love and joy. I felt every spirit was guiding me, shaping me to be the person I am supposed to become. I saw the Kingdom of Heaven, the depths of hell, Solomon's temple, the landscapes of Ireland throughout history where my relatives are from. And the overwhelming message was to wake up, open my eyes, and spend quality time with my 13 year old sister who is home right now.

And I got the question for you now, which is a question I thought about a lot when I was training to be a Catholic monk, is how do you order your spirituality to not be lost in the symbols and images of the unconscious, and the spirit world, how do you avoid getting consumed by the mystical esoteric side of your spirituality and actually incorporate your spiritual practices in such a way that you live your best life, in your daily mundane world. The flaw I think in the esoteric as opposed to exoteric religion, is that we are so easily overwhelmed and devoured by symbolism, myth, and delusion. We lose sight of the real world. How do we make sure that we use our experiences with the spirits to add to our experience of the real world, not diminish it?

Thanks for responding.

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