Maintaining composure during ritual

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Maintaining composure during ritual

Post#1 » Mon Apr 22, 2019 1:53 am

How do y'all not freak out during ritual? I'm convinced that mental skills are no different than lifting heavy weights: either you have the muscle to lift something or you don't. That is, if you don't have enough 'composure' skill, there's no way to 'try hard enough' to mentally succeed at maintaining composure. It really is like RPG skill points in the sense that results are deterministic.

Does that seem accurate? If so, how do you cultivate the necessary mental equipoise to perform magick?

It's beyond trippy. It's not at all like doing drugs. There's no 'come up' and no 'come down'. It's not like how a person can just pop a happy pill and expect things to mellow out after a few hours. Honestly, from a logistical perspective, it's completely stupid. Literally everything can go wrong.

In terms of skill, performing an *actual* ritual is like:
1. Drink a tub of LSD
2. Be completely mentally unaffected

How do you do it? Is it just a matter of taking it slow and never biting off more than you can chew?

For example, it took me a while to really put evocation into perspective. I thought it'd be *different* than conversation somehow. That you can just separate spirits from people, lump them into nice categories. It seemed like a video game-esque skill that could just be dissociated from things and put in a neat box. But the reality is that talking to a spirit is just like talking to a person. And what else would it be like?

Most of magick is like that. It seems far fetched until you do it. Then you ask yourself, "what else would it be like?" and it's obvious that it's always been exactly as it seemed, you just never paid attention. Frankly, ignorance is bliss.

Like, *suppose* that you actually succeed in psychokinesis, and it's exactly like the movies. Nothing seems to prepare for success.
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