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What causes SHTF, getting clobbered by a whole bunch of the opposite of what you cast for?

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 10:46 am
by Aquila Chrysaetos
I have seen multiple comments across blogs and forums of who seem to be relatively competent magicians, who at some point have a whole bunch of the very opposite of what they were casting magic for happen to them. I mentioned in my intro that happened to me a few years ago and I'm trying to build back up from it, so I've been reading in the meantime and seen that mentioned by others. I had resolved in 2015 to improve my job & finances, health & fitness, spiritual progress and love life. I worked on HGA, spells for improving multiple areas, and romance to bring the best partner into my life (no specific person). I was pretty much doing what Gordon White called "shoaling" but not just with sigils, and I was doing everything I could think to do mundanely (job hunting, improving diet, exercising more, got on a dating site (NEVER AGAIN), etc.). What happened later that year and on into the next was a whole lot of the exact opposite. I won't bore you with details, but this was an overwhelming amount of crazy stuff that doesn't normally happen to me because I've always striven to be level-headed, conscientious, hard-working, and steadily work upward to better things. And inching upwards usually happened, then that year it all took a gigantic slam backward. It set me back in all the ways I had been working for positive improvements to where I had been years before, and some of it won't ever be recovered and be as well as it was before.

And I've read this happens to other magicians too, but I have not read if they worked out exactly WHY it happens. Maybe someone somewhere stated a theory and I missed that post. Are we fighting fate or destiny or some kind of "karmic agreement", so then Fate has to knock us down to end anything you work for beyond that? I got into magic to make practical improvements in my life; "inching upward" as I mentioned was happening without magic, but I was counting on magic to improve gains and the exact opposite happened. If we're fighting against something stronger that doesn't want you to have those improvements then it's kind of pointless.

So for any of you that this has happened to, have you ever been able to work out why yours happened? Point me to a blog post or answer, please, if you've seen such somewhere. The "rebound" theory doesn't sit well with me; my gut tells me there's more to it than simply "rebound" and that's just the best way some people could come up with to articulate it, and there's a more thorough explanation. Maybe I need to get better at tarot and throw some cards with this question in mind. Or pose this question to someone else who I feel is proficient in tarot; I haven't tried that yet.