First Dream event with Hekate (some noob questions)

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First Dream event with Hekate (some noob questions)

Post#1 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 3:34 am

Don't really know where to start, I had a really strange dream event (not sure if it was a dream) with Hekate, don't ask how I know it was her, I just know.

In the dream I was walking down some old ruins and the wind started to blow circling me and some dust along with it, the dust started to move and take shapes and float around me and started to move as I heard a voice that sounded female but not human, it was the sound of a voice older than time, more like a vibration, it was fascinating, I feel like I should have been scared but it felt like she was trying to pass some of its knowledge so I just listened in awe... from what I remember someone asked her to work against me but for some reason she refused and instead gave me a few tips on how to improve my life.

I'm not really into any religion and I'm pretty much what you'd call a skeptic but I can't even describe the sound of that voice, try to imagine someone older than time speaking to you and you'd be close.

A friend of mine who is into Wicca told me it was Hekate and that she wanted to help me, why I've no idea, I'm not a religious kind of person and I've only read about Hekate, before this dream thing if you'd told me I'd get a visit from her in a dream I would've thought "yeah, right".

Now this is where it gets a bit weird, I bought a book by Jason Miller "Protection and Reversal Magic" because I read it had info on Hekate, as I was reading it I had a vision, I saw in a flash a woman in a cloak smiling, the image was like a blue flame and it lasted an instant, apparently Hekate was pleased I wanted to know more about her, and this time I wasn't dreaming.

I guess I don't know where to go from here, I'm not initiated into anything which is why this is so strange and new to me, what's your take on this? This isn't the type of thing you can post on facebook and ask for opinions...

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