Promoting St. Expedite ( Creative and More Effective Ways Which Will Boost Your Results Too)

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Promoting St. Expedite ( Creative and More Effective Ways Which Will Boost Your Results Too)

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[Perhaps this post belongs in the ATR section, however I kindly request it remains here for more visibility, I am sure even some of the experienced mods have been helped by St. Expedite from time to time so maybe you guys can do Him ( And me) a small favor, THANK YOU.]


I rely on St. Expedite on a daily basis and have him permanently enshrined, he never lets me down.The only reason I am able to walk and walk reasonably well is because of St. Expedite.

The gist of this post is that I think there are better ways of acknowledging St. Expedite's help publicly rather than the methods commonly employed and that by using these more effective methods, one will receive superior results from working with Him, as
He surely will reciprocate. I could be wrong but I believe that most people post their acknowledgement/experience on an occult forum like this one and/or post on a website dedicated to St. Expedite along with Facebook and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing this, I believe an even better way exists which helps St. Expedite out AND WILL GREATLY IMPROVE *YOUR* RESULTS FROM HIM. Trust me when I say that He notices pretty much everything about how you approach Him, I have learned much about St. Expedite by working with Him on a day to day basis for several years now.

A combination comprised of posting on occult sites/dedicated sites/Facebook + posting on a site like Amazon should really yield better results and is a win/win for *YOU* and St. Expedite. Let me elucidate, a site like Amazon has millions and millions of visitors on a daily basis, I believe Wal-Mart and Target also get insane amounts of visitors. So why not post your actual Positive experience on these sites, where St. Expedite will get so much more visibility? Say you purchase a 7 day red candle from Amazon, why not work your Positive experience with St. Expedite into the review of the candle itself? This methodology can be used with any of the paraphanellia associated with St. Expedite: candles, pictures, statues, prayer cards, and so forth. There are books about St. Expedite, why not work your Positve experience with Him into your book review?

If you really want to go all out, you can SUBTLY work your Positive experience with St. Expedite into new-age manifestation type books which have millions of readers like "The Secret" and yes, I just gagged a little bit myself as I wrote this.

So by all means, use this site, various occult forums, Wiccan forums, Catholic forums and dedicated St. Expedite sites along with Facebook, Instagram and other social media websites, but please ALSO use Amazon (The best choice by far), Wal-Mart and Target as well. I believe the later grouping has several orders of magnitude more potential visibility than the former grouping. Of course visibility is highly effected by the item one is viewing, so please target what you believe to be the highest visibility products.

There are many people that know who St. Expedite is, but there are vastly more who do not and these people can be reached with just a little work; you will be doing them, yourself and St. Expedite a huge favor. And just imagine how good your results with St. Expedite will be if you help him out this way, He will give back much more than you could possibly give Him. My personal results have skyrocketed, two vexing health issues (Chest Lump and Testosterone Deficiency) which doctors could not adequately resolve have been greatly ameliorated due solely to His rapid intercession, I kid you not. And please, write a short personal anecdote of HOW St. Expedite helped you, not just a quick "thank you" which is seen all too often, this step is quite important for obvious reasons. Thank you for making it this far and happy spell-casting no matter what you decide to do.



I have spent a bit of time reflecting on the contents of my writing directly above and come to the realization that I encourage too aggressive of a St. Expedite promotion campaign.

I am sure the Great Saint agrees, it is FAR better to be meticulous and SUBTLE when promoting Him, especially in not directly related venues such as book reviews of metaphysical titles like "The Secret" and so on. Hitting people over the head with tales of
St. Expedite may produce a counter than expected effect, that is, turning people off to Him.

So I politely and humbly ask anyone who chooses to promote St. Expedite in the manner above to do so most subtly and carefully, in a manner which takes in account just how special St. Expedite and his stellar reputation really are. Spamming various Amazon reviews with tales of his wondrous powers will very likely sully His image, something to be avoided at all costs. Whereas doing so carefully and of course truthfully will earn His gratitude.

Thank you for your time and my apologies!
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