Astral Projection Aimlessness

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Astral Projection Aimlessness

Post#1 » Wed Nov 07, 2018 6:39 am

Greetings. It's been a while since Iast posted. I know that there are some people who post here that are skilled at the Art of AP. I was hoping to take advantage of some of your knowledge and expertise in addressing a "block" I seem to be having on the astral. I have a mentor whom I like and respect; we follow the general guidelines of the A:.A:. curriculum and he has helped me a lot. However, while I feel that AP is extremely important--at least it's something I feel to be important for my own Work--my mentor is rather uninterested in projection and lukewarm about it. He has tested me and feels my skills are "adequate" for my grade. But he doesn't encourage me to pursue it at all, saying that the Astral is all glamor.

I can certainly see his point, and yet I must say that Crowley himself, while sharing his caveats (see his Astral Atlas essay in BK 4), seems to have placed great importance on astral work. The same can be said for people like Bardon, Dion Fortune and many of the Golden Dawn (not to mention Theosophical) adepts. I think many on this forum would agree.

So I need to carry on with my training in this department on my own. But I need some guidance as to how I can proceed and improve.

I can get "out" easily enough, using Liber O. But Crowley's guidelines get very vague after that--he just says "go where you will." Unfortunately, once I'm out, I don't have much of an idea what to "do" or where to go. Almost like the limitless of it makes me freeze up. A landscape usually appears, but after that it just feels like I'm wandering aimlessly.

Like today I projected into a symbol--a hexagram--and ended up on a forested cliff on a tropical island. I climbed down the cliff on a rope ladder--nothing but white beach, blazing sun and blue sea. Not a soul to be seen--just some abandoned umbrellas on the beach. As often happens, I got frustrated because I was like "now what?" I had no idea what to do, so I just came back.

This is fairly typical of what happens on my adventures. Has anyone had this problem? What I feel I need are some focused "tasks" by which I can practice and improve. Any suggestions?

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