Oil Lamps in Magical Practice

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Oil Lamps in Magical Practice

Post#1 » Mon Nov 05, 2018 12:14 pm

More to follow...moving part of a discussion over from this thread.

What follows is a "quote tree" of the prior conversation alongside responses to some very solid questions.

Wanderer wrote:That sounds like a pretty good series of choices there, Asahel. I had a similar thought process, though my current plan is to use the Olympic spirits of the Arbatel as a lead-in to the process of conjuring Sachiel, replete with invocations and offerings.

I’ll likewise be consecrating a stone, and likely placing it in a scapular, but that remains to be seen. I may go the “astrological hoodoo” route and turn it into a proper grisgris bag...we’ll see.

I am good with you coining the term, too, as it seems to work. ;)

Asahel wrote:A scapular or prayer beads would be cool, and a little charm bag too!
I thought about a gris-gris/mojo bag as well, but I'm already carrying around too many of those :D and it would be impractical.

Also, because the 8 Nov. election is rather wonky, I thought it would be better to make the engraving as offering, rather than a talisman. I already have an oil lamp dedicated to Sachiel and Jupiterian spirits. As per Orthodox tradition, the olive oil I'm burning in it, and the flame, are already offerings, so adding the gemstone to it would be in the same vein (whatever petitions I make go underneath, not inside the oil-lamp).

Putting stuff inside the lamp is the hoodoo influence :thinking

Asahel wrote:Gotta add something about oil lamps: they're much safer than candles or gas or alcohol lamps. Oil is not very flammable, so, in the rare occurrence when the lamp gets tipped over, it's less likely to end in tragedy.

They've been around since pretty much forever - mentioned in the PGM, but likely way older than that.

And floating wicks are the best thing since sliced bread :D


Asahel wrote:...and one can use the oil from this kind of working lamp like any conjure oil. Even more powerful, if the lamp is lit regularly.

Wanderer wrote:Oh, good eye there Asahel! You brought this up and a perfect time, as I was looking into the history of oil lamps and their structures about a week ago. In the process of doing so, I got the idea of creating oils that are astrologically-oriented for magical practices, since I had seen a spirit tending a lamp that smelled of saffron, frankincense, and something I couldn't identify when engaging with the entity in the lower worlds.

It got me considering how light is used as an attractant in both magic and day to day practices, and might well be a useful way of performing astrologically-focused magic.

In addition to this, if I might offer a similar suggestion, one can find applications on their phone that are Augmented Reality apps. In essence, they chart out where the stars are at any time, and then show you where to find the constellation in the sky, even allowing you to search for them so you know where they are at any time of day.

This can be damned useful when doing this kind of work. I used this to find Orion's Belt when performing the Stele of Jeu some time ago, and I'd gone from cooking with gas to dealing with a kind of energetic bonfire.

One such app is called Sky Guide, and it can be found on iPhone's App Store.

Asahel wrote:[...]About the vigil/oil lamps, if I may offer my 2 cents (I've grown up with them, they're a big thing in Orthodoxy): don't bother with historical replicas or what not. Get a simple, sturdy glass with wide bottom or a little mason jar. A jar would be nice, because you could put the lid on when you're not working it. For the planetary work, you could use appropriate colour glass.

The best wick is the small wick on cork float, like the ones I already shown. Saves you from fiddling with long wicks, and it's really cheap to buy. You can pick them up online or in Greek grocery stores. Each small wick burns for 2-3 days, then you just replace it - there are many in the box). Keep replenishing the oil as it burns.

This is a very good idea, Asahel. Thank you for detailing this, and I'll add to it. When working to create these oils, if you're mindful of the herbs and essential oils added to the mix, you can create an oil that burns very cleanly and acts as a kind of "intents jar". It can be used for money, for sex, for the cultivation of specific energies in planetary works, to attract house spirits, perform road openers, the works.

Picking the appropriate herbs is, however, crucial. Be mindful not to create an oil that will sour in its use, as some herbs begin to combine with oil to create some nasty bacterial issues. For instance, garlic kept in olive oil can grow botulinin, and that's a very bad idea if you're going for anything beneficial.

Asahel wrote:The oil to be burned is traditionally olive oil. It burns very clean (no smoke) and it's a good "sacrifice"
For my planetary lamp, I sometimes add few drops of essential oil (I use frankincense or cedar for Sachiel). I have also added a fulgurite, because of Jupiterian associations with thunder.

Because you'll never let the lamp go empty, and it has been dedicated to a specific planet or spirit, you can always dip in and anoint yourself or your candles or mojo bags with the oil. Insta-planetary oil :mrgreen:

Also good suggestions. There's an element of this that's a reminder of tending the sacred fires of old, which seem to act as a kind of lighthouse-like effect.

Asahel wrote:
Wanderer wrote: I got the idea of creating oils that are astrologically-oriented for magical practices, since I had seen a spirit tending a lamp that smelled of saffron, frankincense, and something I couldn't identify when engaging with the entity in the lower worlds.

This is fascinating, especially because I felt drawn myself to adding essential oil to my lamps! Do you know / can you share who that spirit was?

EDIT: or at least the spirit's "background"...

I couldn't share who the spirit was by name because I do not know their name. I encountered them when working to track down the spirit of damaged & departed individual who hadn't shown up in the underworld in the usual way. When I got into a specific "zone" that Hel gave me entrance to, I saw a female entity tending this oil lamp. She was grinding up what looked to be rocks in her hands, then placing it into the oil lamp, making whispered calls and prayers I could not understand.

She was at the edge of this clearing-like place, and the oil lamp was in front of her. It struck me as a kind of beacon, but also a warding component, as she absolutely refused to go past the point the light reached. It was a very curious thing to me, as it reminded me somewhat of the idea of a circle and not wanting to reach out past its edges.

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