Expanding usable thought space

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Expanding usable thought space

Post#1 » Sat Nov 03, 2018 2:31 pm

I've been enumerating the things I can add and remove to my experience. Most of that is just colors, sounds, the usual. But when I started trying to reach outside of the what I had, I realized that I could only use what I had.

It was like, if my reality is on a 1D line, my usual experiences move right and left, so no matter how I combined them, I could only go left and right. But I wanted to go up and down.

I've been studying "space" magick a bit, and I think I understand what it's like to see in full 3D (all sides of a cube at the same time), but going farther seems impossible. 3D is simple because I can get all the data needed by walking around an object, but I've never walked around a 4D space, so I don't even know what parts I'm missing.

Space, at least, I can think of in terms of dimensions and math. But I can't seem to get a new color no matter how I mix the existing ones. New "types" of information seem hard to reach. Which is interesting, because I bet light came before eyes, a place before a sensor, and I doubt I even knew how to see what I do now before consciousness was human.

Frankly, I'm not sure it's even safe to pull new data types into earth space. Might be more practical to travel.

Any insight?
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