Magick gone wrong - Coming back to reality

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Magick gone wrong - Coming back to reality

Post#1 » Sat Nov 03, 2018 2:19 pm

I've realized that "success" in the context of magick is mostly neutral natured, and that it requires the magickian to be able to use it functionally.

For example, it's not terribly difficult to visualize something like having four arms, and feel it as if so, but I can't imagine being able to function like that on a day to day basis. I think that in order for a human to function like a human, it's necessary to have experience locked down on what you'd expect a human to have, and nothing more.

For every success I make, I seem to have to figure out how to undo that as well. E.g. I once spent an hour visualizing a triangle, then afterwards I found I had difficulty not seeing that triangle. The effect became self sustaining.

I'm left wondering why someone would even want to quickly "open their third eye", etc. because that'd be like perma-tripping on psychedelics if you couldn't turn that off. I'm pretty convinced you'd just develop non-stop psychosis. I don't know if it's even possible to discern between a drug induced hallucination and an extra-sensory impression.

I'm stoked, I know there's a billion ways to screw up a ritual, but the clever screw ups require clever solutions. What are some clever mess ups you've experienced or seen, and how did they get solved?
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