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How best to protect a picture of yourself posted online

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 3:15 pm
by Fire Power
Hello everyone,

As we know, when people have a picture of you, they can do all kinds of interesting and unpleasant magick that is directed at you.

There is a need for me to upload a picture of myself online for business purposes.

I would appreciate any advice and thoughts about how to go about adding protection to my picture BEFORE I upload it online so that my picture (and myself) or protected from anyone that attempts to send me negativity etc.

One thing that I am considering doing is doing some candle work that involves working with a mirror/mirror ball and including the picture of myself that I plan to use.

However, I'd like to get some thoughts from others before I go about formulating an approach.

Any thoughts on how best to go about this or what you have done to protect pictures of yourself that you (or others) have posted online would be appreciated! :D