Learn Ancient Greek, Enlighten Your Intellect

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Learn Ancient Greek, Enlighten Your Intellect

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There is good reason to learn greek and latin.
As languages of intellect, science, mathematics, philosophy, authority; the highest aspects of western culture, they are important to know (at least in part) to define critical terms that are relevant to concepts in our modern world.

Modern Greek Philosopher, Dr. Theologos A. Simaioforos claims to have solved the alphabetic code and discovered the eternal mysteries pertaining to each individual letter, and, In understanding the individual meaning of each letter we can now define meaning within the whole of greek arcanum as well knowledge and understanding about the cosmos and it's cosmetics

Table syllable
聽 聽 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 聽 聽 聽
1 B BA BE BO B.Y. BI BH VO BA = Voice - help - sound - energy with help
2 C. whereas, GA GE YO Y. Y. EARTH ME GA = Fixing the flow to soil
3 D DA DE DO DY D.I. DH SEE DA = Domesis-power - creation
4 G. whereas, ZA ZE ZO ZY ZI ZHI LIVE ZA = Life through power
6 K UA YES MR CY KI KH KO UA = Materials going down
7 L LA LL LO LY LI LH LO LA = Solar irradiance or wet leaching
8 M MA WITH MO MY MI NON ME MA = The visible nature
9 N TO NE NO NY NI NH NO TO = Law - mind - liquid in nature
10 X XA XE XO XY Xi XH XO XA = 螝螒 + 危螒 = case
11 P PA WP WHO Q. III PR Welcome! PA = Father-fire
12 P PA PE PO PR PI PH RO PA = Energy flow
13 危 DD IN CN SY SI ND 危惟 DD = The hidden and inwardly believed
14 T. TA TE THE TY WHAT TH Here TA = The solid structure of the liquid
15 Phi FA FI 桅螣 PH F PH FO FA = Light
16 X. ATHEX X E XO XY XI CH 围惟 ATHEX = The little ones have a minimum flow
17 唯 PSA PS 唯惟 PSY Ps 唯螚 PSO PSA = Fire inside - Soul

Early syllables

A Home Power (ALFA = Initial Sunshine)
B Action of any nature (B-HTA = the energy that has been shown and fixed)
C. whereas, The Earthly Particle (GAMA = the Earth - It Fills It)
D The Force that builds and creates
E. whereas, The output power (of light)
G. whereas, Zoe and Zesis
OR The double descent of radiation - the manifestation
Th The view - always true
I Continuous descent of force (light), small amount - two-way movement - silent
K Down below
L For the heavens, the sunlight, for the earth, is the liquid
M Our visible nature
N Notion - Law and Water in nature
X K + 危 The Lower Inside or KASA
THE Space limited regardless of size
P Pyr, the first element - the above - the patrician
P Flow primarily of photo effects, at the same time no other Flow
危 Internally believed
T. The attachment of the Force or the viewer
Y. Large accumulation of force (light)
Phi The light
X. The choir elements - yesterday
psi P + 危 = The fire in the inner space
Oh The planet - Earth space

Table letters and their meanings
A Primary Force
B Energy (in any form)
C. whereas, Earthy
D Power - Force - Construction - Creation
E. whereas, Motion - Movement - Course - Expansion
G. whereas, Life - Heat - Warmth
OR Double descent of radiation - Appearance - Revelation
Th Viewing
I Constant supply - Descent of force, light, radiation
K Down - Low - Low qualities of energy
L Solar radiation and liquids in Nature
M Concentrated solar radiation - Visible nature
N Mind - Intellect - Law and Water in Nature
X What is inside space - Case
THE Particular Space or Area of 鈥嬧€媋ll sizes
P Fire - Father
P Flowing of energy, radiation, liquid
危 Internal space- inside viewing
T. Consolidation - Firmament of force, radiation, energy
Y. Concentration - Accumulation of force, radiation, energy
Phi Light - Illumination (natural or spiritual)
X. Soil elements - Earthly bodies
唯 Internal Fire
Oh Planet - Upon the Planet


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