on my first contacts, and mantras resulting in possession

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on my first contacts, and mantras resulting in possession

Post#1 » Sat Sep 08, 2018 2:50 pm

I don't really have any direction with this thread apart from any comments anyone might make.

Alright, so, I'm not Satanist, but I first made contact with a spirit by reciting something written by VK Jehannum.

I don't know that his "ritual" did anything, but the first spirit it calls upon, saying "agios o parfaxitas", resulted in contact.
I had something come up my abdomen into my head, so that I could feel "energy" in my head (still can, I do meditation.)

This contact was very helpful. It was healing and I got more in touch with myself and my spirituality.
This spirit left my body upon banishing and would come back when called. I used the enchirdion of pope leo.

I didn't find I was able to contact any of the other he lists, or any of his other rituals.

Second contact I made in this manner (agios O) I didn't keep very long. Tried "Tzuflifu" but i didn't really like it, and the banishing was mildly intense, so I figured maybe I should seek a God instead.

So I said "agios o Hekate" and got a spirit from that. But I couldn't get rid of it using the enchiridion of pope leo or the Star Ruby. I found someone in Reiki that did it.

About half a year later I got in contact with a spirit again and ran into the same problem. However, the spirits after that I found I could get out with a simple Christian charm I came upon. But I didn't continue because I didn't find I was benefiting.

I believed that I wanted to work with Hekate. I've done things like make an altar, offerings, prayers, and meditations, however, doing a mantra like "io hekate io ho" can result in spirit contact.

Do you suppose the spirits contacted thereby are Hekate related? Or some other spirits?

I was thinking if I did it again and it resulted in an invasion I could try a Hekate related banishing.

Mantras are often considered a spiritual staple, but they can result in getting spirit in my body.

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