A quick tutorial on English gematria sigil magick

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A quick tutorial on English gematria sigil magick

Post#1 » Tue Aug 28, 2018 11:59 pm

I think this thing is underexplored by the occulture that on the other hand talks about planetary initiations and planetary talismans. After all the 7 kameas have been around since Agrippa at least and still one rarely sees anything useful being gotten off them except for the planetary intelligences, by Agrippa, and IMO the kabbalah of nine chambers or aiq bkr is needlessly unwieldy when there's a thing as simple as English gematria around.

Of course English gematria goes like this: A=1, B=2 ... Z=26.

And kameas look like Saturn kamea is with its top row being 492, middle row 357 and bottom row 816.

So, knowing what has been said you could sigilize the word HOUSE from the Saturn kamea pretty easily. Just turn HOUSE to numbers using English gematria (H) 8, (O) 15, etc and then trace a sigil on the Saturn kamea as if connecting dots so that you end up with a Golden Dawn-y sigil representing everything related to the idea of house! Saturn of course relates to buildings so it makes sense to use Saturn but it's not necessary to do so because you could sigilize house from any of the kameas in order to take advantage of their particular planetary energies. "Mansion" off the Moon kamea could be a symbolic mansion while "mansion" off the Saturn kamea could be a literal mansion and so on. But the thing is, the universe being intelligent knows what specific outcome you want to represent with your sigil. And now that you got a Saturn sigil representing house you can like carry it as a talisman or better yet cast it as a spell right off the bat. And this is what I sort of wanted to say, that these sigils are like psi balls, or you can literally put them inside psi balls and then "throw" them into the outer fabrics of reality for them to do their thing.

Or you could just put the sigil under your pillow and go to sleep if you are lazy but want to experience magic

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