Using New Energy Ways to charge talismans?

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Using New Energy Ways to charge talismans?

Post#1 » Sat Aug 25, 2018 8:06 am

I thought why not use NEW instead of MPR to charge a talisman this time, so I derived a word sigil from a kamea using English gematria (it's as simple as it sounds) and mspainted it and opened the sigil in windows photo viewer and began raising energy up my soles/back and channeled it during exhalations out of my face/front and out into the sigil on my screen. Well the sigil really did seem to get charged after I did this for some time at which point I cut the energy off by just channeling the energy normally down my front side to my soles without sending energy out into the sigil any longer. A super easy way to cast a "spell" when you think of it.

Of course it wouldn't have to be a kamea sigil, like, it could be anything, including a paper talisman in your hands. Using NEW to charge sigils is probably nothing new under the sun but thought I'd mention it in case there's bored energy workers lurking and wondering how to spend the next 5 minutes. What think you? Am I a retard or on to something!?
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