Weather manipulation and holy rainwater

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Weather manipulation and holy rainwater

Post#1 » Thu Aug 23, 2018 8:28 pm

This is something I've been experimenting for a while so I've decided to document it and continue this experiment for as long as I see fit.

To explain, I've begun a working practice of using weather manipulation and the holy spirit in tandem. I command the sky to rain infused holy spirit down onto the population where I live specifically. It's not a huge area. About a mile or so in diameter.

The work involves intent, will, and energy, as does any magickal working requires it. At the beginning it was unprepared.. A whim, really. But I begin to notice I'm getting accustomed to the higher energies produced, and can actually sense the energetic fields where I live unraveling the darker, lower energies and breathing in the holy rain. I use breath specifically, because that's what the sensation feels like. As if the Earth is letting out a sigh. I know the holy spirit and breathing are intimately related.

So there's that. Creating a higher vibrational state where I live. And I've noticed it infuses me with some of this spirit. Of course, this is directed by me, and I plan on actually making a ritual under the ceremonial ray.

I will collect this holy rain and use it in a ritual to send more waves of this energy where I live and see the differences it makes on the people.

I already know that the rain restored some plants that were thought to be dead, so I'm hoping for a bit of spiritual revival, as that also seems to be connected to the holy spirit.

I already have a sigil that will be used to imprint the intent upon the ether, now I just need some holy water which would be an energy offering to the Earth itself and coax the Earth to rain.

Next, I'll start a ritual involving feathers and something from the sea. Which would be difficult where I live lol. But the feathers would represent the sky, and maybe a seashell to represent the water. Also a pyramid that generates energy for me will be used. More to come.

Ill update later.
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