Activating Paper Sigils And Talismans With the Sign Of the Equal Cross

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Activating Paper Sigils And Talismans With the Sign Of the Equal Cross

Post#1 » Wed Aug 22, 2018 8:13 am

I used this method sometimes and i had very interesting results,so i thoughted to share it.
It's about activating symbols written on paper,by using the sign of the equal cross..

In the quareia course,josephine instructs that the sign of the equal cross (malkuth) is used to strip down the energies of whatever it has substance,so you can reprogram it and concecrate it..I don't know.
I had different feedback from it.It's like the equal cross was making the symbols alive.Not on the paper,but on me..

Here's the method..

The paper has to be square in shape.Then i draw the symbol i want to activate.It could be a sigil ,talisman or anything else...
Then i use my two first fingers and i extend a beam of light,drawing astraly the sign of the equal cross over the paper.

In my mind,the sigil-symbol is missing from the paper,and i just imagine that i draw two lines.One vertical and one horizontal.
The two lines are splitting the sqaured paper into four equal parts...

That's all...

The sign will activate ''anything'' that is writen on the paper,no matter how complex it is..

I was contemplating for some time about how and why it had worked,and i get the impression that this sign,is used to ''manifest''
something that exists only as an idea...

Still not sure about it..Others here might know better,but i verify that it works...At least for me...
An ounce of experience is worth a pound of theory.

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