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For those interested in OTO...

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 8:33 pm
by Draconis94
Study the facts: Hymenaeus Beta and the Caliphate OTO cannot claim any spiritual authority regarding the Order since their lineage was passed down from Karl Germer, who was never truly OHO to begin with. Through ample correspondence between Germer and Kenneth Grant, Germer admitted to not feeling up to claiming that title in both the mundane and magickal sense. Briefly, he was NOT OHO and didn't feel up to the job himself, leaving the undeniable fact that Kenneth Grant was the intended true successor to Crowley. Since Grant was expelled by a power-tripping Germer, this invalidates the authority of the Caliphate until Aossic-Aiwass (Grant) is rightfully recognized as OHO and a link with the Spiritual Order is re-established. This is my more mature reason for not affiliating myself with OTO and it is a shame more people are not acting upon these basic facts.

A little tidbit of OTO history for those interested.