Elemental and Nature spirits

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Elemental and Nature spirits

Post#1 » Sun Aug 05, 2018 11:16 pm

Hey guys it's been a while sinces I've posted in general but I want to tell some stories and ask some questions about elemental and Nature spirits.

Living in a city it's really hard to connect with nature, most people make the common mistake that this means it's dead an lifeless. However there is nothing further from the truth. There's a spirit in every flower, tree, blade of grass, running stream, every single breeze, piece of metal, you just got to listen.

Tree hugger is pretty apt description of me. To ground myself if I can't do a more elaborate ritual (the middle pillar, meditation) I hug my local tree, sit beneath it and just recap my day while listening to some chill music, just beign in the moment and slowing down for a moment. I get up thank it and hug it as I leave. I usually greet each three trees i pass by everyday on my way to the plaza. I clean their area and thank them for the shade and oxygen.

I'm back at my parents house now and there's a stream that's right infront of us, there lives an Undine named Irene. She's nice, we don't really talk but she helps in my spell work, more of a family/Hispanic superstition of rubbing an egg on thee body to absorb negative enerhy (like envy) and tossing it behind you and not looking back. I ask her to push this energy through her stream and take the egg as an offering.

My relationship with nature spirits/elementals have grown as I revisit the roots of my magical practice (spirit work), I learn a lot from them and find comfort in them. I've felt the presence of the occasional flower spirit in the trees and bushes, but there's this group of (I don't know how to classify them) spirits that I can't seem to find them online or anywhere.

The name that they go by are "The Balthains" (bal-th-ayins) and I came across them one day when I was walking home from the plaza (my place) and I saw this nasty storm cloud and I took this opportunity to practuce sone storm magic. I visualized mentally purple lightning, i held that thought (and the energy there in) and pushed it to the cloud (mind you it was far away and never reached the ground) and I saw it and I was trying to see myself as the cloud and my will as its will. But I really didn't want it to rain on me (if it looks like it's gonna rain as I go home I get soaked before I reach the door) but I kinda reached out to what ever was in the cloud and asked it if could rain after I got in the door and I heard something (like a multitude of voices) (B is a Balthain)
B: "Yes yes, what else do you wish?"
M: um...to learn how to do weather magic, your help if you can please ?
B: yes of course
M: (I gor home and gave the go ahead to rain at their will)(it sounds like the end of days outside) Jesus guys do you like the rain that much ?
B: yes we do, cycle is key
M: what is your name by the way ? Is it one or multiple of you guys up there. And is rain the only thing you guys do ?
B: we are the Balthains, and we can do much more

Some time passes and I go home for summer and I think that doing magic is a good way to sharpen my skills in spell work, and energy work. The Balthain check up on me and ask if they can help me with something, and ask them if they can help me raise planetary energy I needed and casting it down in the form of rain on the sigils I placed around the neighborhood (both physical and energetic juat incase), they said they didn't know how to do that so I showed them the planetary hexagram and how to push that they of energy, also the wlwmental aspect of the pentagram. They were ecstatic to say the least and did as I asked, and the rain was different, it felt different, the energy drop was massive and was barely held by the seals. But I did my ritual and candle work with the Balthains watching over me as I did. They give me weird answers when I ask them how old they are and their origins
Old = very old as old as rain and storm
Creation/creator = you, and the "greater"
2 conclusions I have come in mind

1. I created elemental/nature thought forms with some higher aspect of myself, to help the physical me do weather magic better.
2. The place/energy that created souls created them longa ago before any souls were seperate.

Thanks for reading, thoughts? Comments? I would love to hear them. Thanks guys.

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