brass as a substitute for gold and esoteric properties of zinc

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brass as a substitute for gold and esoteric properties of zinc

Post#1 » Sat Aug 04, 2018 12:05 pm

I just ordered through Shapeways a design of a personal lamen, it's a symbol I made that to me summarizes a big part of the Western Mystery Tradition.
I had the choice of a variety of metals and plastics, and decided on two metals, silver, since gold was not yet an option, I had it made in brass which looks solar enough as well.
Brass seems to be an interesting alloy as it is made of copper and zinc.
I liked the copper part as it is Venusian and is an excellent conductor of energy, while being notorious for tarnishing green and being blue-greenish in molten state which also relates it to Venusian energies.
The intriguing part was the zinc component; doing a bit of read-up on this, I found this gem:

“Combining copper with zinc produces brass, which is an important and sacred metal in many parts of the world that brings the signatures of gold within reach of the common person. In modern alchemy, zinc is associated with the planet Uranus, and both were discovered at about the same time. In astrology, Uranus is associated with the sign of Aquarius and connected with renewal, moderation, revolution, originality, progressivity. The god Uranus granted man the divine flame (electricity, intuition, sudden insights, cosmic consciousness) and the feeling for cosmic rhythms. Medical astrology places the potential and the rhythmical processes of the nervous system under zinc and Uranus. Brass and zinc used in rituals, spells, and talismans, to promote originality, flashes of insight, renewal, inventions, advanced technology, cooperation within a like-minded group, humanism, and freedom of thought. “ ( ... e=activity)

I prefer working with the “old” planetary 7, but above description sounded really good.
Any of you guys have worked with brass for talismanic work or lamens, and what made you choose brass?
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