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Hi all - been a while but I have been compelled to post this here as a fellow magickian living in the British Isles and one who is useless enough to not know how to contact her via her blog.

As an aside, if a mod could PLEASE unlock my account so I can reset the password, I would be very, very happy

Anyway, on to business :-)

I have been reading her book Magick of the North Gate, which is a very good book and she is clearly a very experienced magickian. Through all of my years of practice, she comes the closest to describing magick as I experience it, so I highly recommend this book. There are two topics near the end that I wish to comment on, as people who get this far while alive aren’t common so we may as well share our experiences.

You talk about the desert of the afterlife and the Plain of Lethe. I had the good fortune to be brought up by a witch doctor when I was a child and he showed me this as the most important role of the shaman - to guide the souls of the dead through the desert to the mountains where the living can go no further.

Growing up in Africa gives you a great deal of opportunity to practice this as it is a violent place and many of my friends were killed or died badly and so needed help. This witch doctor died when I was a mid teenager and needed no help passing, at least I couldn’t find him.

A few years later I had left Africa and was living in Australia when word reached me that a friend had died of a cocaine overdose. I found him standing, confused and lost in the desert. It took roughly a week of regular work to get him to accept and to move on.

I learned a few things then about the process of passing, but I was going through a tough personal time as I had just moved countries alone and was homesick. My mind was full of doubt and anger. Retrospectively, I was actively clinging to my past, much like the dead do before they move on. It was unhealthy. After my friend had moved on, I kept returning to the land of the Dead in melancholy until one day I was very surprised to find my old friend and mentor, the witch doctor, sitting there.

He was a difficult guy at the best of times, but today, he was super happy, almost jovial. He jumped up when he saw me and rattled off a bunch of stuff in Zulu that I couldn’t understand. I told him I couldn’t understand and had he come to ask for help. He laughed his ass off and punched me in the face so hard it physically hurt and left a mark and also knocked me over. When I stood up and regained composure, I was no longer in a desert but rather a lush oasis. He explained that these are the same places, the difference is our ability to let go of selfish, egotistical need and to embrace the life In front of us. I guess these lessons apply to the living and the dead.

Second topic is on weaving and waves of power that you explain in your final chapter. There are concepts you touch on, but don’t draw together and in my experience they relate to each other.

There is no time in the spirit world, but there is distance. Not distance as we know it, but rather the energetic difference between a very likely outcome and a very unlikely outcome. For example, if I work hard and earn a living, it is likely that money will manifest - far more likely than if I sit on my fat ass watching TV. If I were to work magick to get money, the hard working guy would have far less magical distance to cover than the slob. So manipulating power already in flight is far easier and the outcome far more direct. We can influence this by the lives we lead, our attitudes and our ambitions.

The interesting thing about this is the weave of our lives and of “us”. If you go into the void and focus on the core energy of yourself, the pure, single point, you can see your soul in vision. It is not a static thing, but rather a rushing, energetic thread of power. It starts as a feeing if flowing energy. Focus on it. Reach out from here and you will find other threads of power - they reflect energetic states, people and other living things as well as powers of change. With the magical Will you can draw these energetic threads to yourself and intertwine them with your own energetic thread (or, you can do it to others). This is all done in vision. It takes a great deal of effort to draw magically distant people, states or agents of change to you, but far less energy to bring magically close ones. Working regularly with your weave is like moving the chess pieces of fate to align with your Will over time.

How do you know which thread is what? You taste it :-). How do you know what an avocado tastes like? You eat one. Using your will and your abilities as a magickian, this is no different to drawing energy into you.

Thank you for your books, I am enjoying them greatly


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