Serious/mature talk about patron deities/spirits

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Serious/mature talk about patron deities/spirits

Post#1 » Tue Jul 17, 2018 9:26 pm

(...and other entities and other serious relationships with those entities besides patronage, which involve an ongoing interaction of some kind)

Can we talk about this topic? Perhaps have a dialogue about it? Generally speaking? Does anyone want to talk about their own experience with various types of patron relationship?

When I've googled, a lot of what I seem to find is stuff I have trouble taking very seriously.

In my own case, I've entered into a long period of contemplative, magical, and devotional work around/with a specific deity but it doesn't seem like what most people online refer to as a "patron" exactly applies to me. But the thing I sought was personal transformation and transformation of a particular set of issues, so I decided to turn my attention to the deity I kept having syncs and dreams around, who has a reputation for being good at the things I wanted to work on.

It's more like having a mutually beneficial relationship with a really good role model/mentor at work; it's a "patron" relationship in the sense of occupation/situation. It's not like having another person in my head let alone 24/7. I can't imagine that situation being healthy. I'm a householder who has a non-occult career and I wouldn't want to give up my ability to relate to a lot of different kinds of people. 24/7 spirit work is isolating and exhausting from what I've seen.

I just wish there were more, and better, material. All in all I've just been absorbing everything I can absorb from the forums here (reading old posts) and doing research. I have been studying lore but I want to be careful about developing preconceived notions or my work being shaped by my expectations - how does one deal with this?

It's the first time I've really worked that much with any entity let alone any well known one, and I find myself looking for as much as I can read about that kind of thing - but mainly I want to read about deities and entities from fairly well-adjusted people who know the terrain, and i want to know about discernment. This forum has probably been my #1 resource.

There must be more to this topic than just digging through 100s of blogs about patrons that are described like imaginary friends, and godspouses. Many of those blogs being quite cringeworthy. (The way many godspouse relationships are described makes many of them sound like abusive, non-consensual relationships.)

The way I see it discussed in many blogs is... well... there are so many troubled young women who claim to be married to Loki, for example. A lot of spirit and deity talk out on the internet (such as, gods help me, Tumblr) as we all know is pretty unreliable.
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