Sympathetic magic and it's applications on healing.

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Sympathetic magic and it's applications on healing.

Post#1 » Sat Jun 02, 2018 6:34 am

Hello everyone,

Lately, I've been reading Grimoire Sympathia, a modern book about the usage of sympathetic magic with healing oneself or others being the goal of it.

I would like to expand on the subject, as is something that interests me. However I'm afraid I have little-to-no experience on the topic. Of course, my goal is to be able to apply its principles.

This book claims to cover the obscure path of healing without medicines using only the spiritual essences of plants, minerals and precious stones. This topic, in its applications, could be easily confused as thaumaturgy or miracle-working by the non-initiates; which is why I try to treat carefully any author who was written on the topic as I'm not fully sure as to what extent this topic has been laid out written in clear and simple methods.
I'm more fond of thinking most writers on the topic are somewhat "scammers" or are just in the New Age vibes.

This book however caught my attention.
It displays several sigils for plants to work with. Application of those sigils could heal people, as they would tap into the energies associated to those plants. This is the summary of it.

From Levi's words, I understand that Paracelsus and other "magician-doctors" could heal people by applying this same sympathetic magic. If I remember correctly, Paracelsus not only tapped into the essence of plants, but also the healing essences of planets and stars (medical astrology).

I have already come up with some methods of working, that would help heal the sick or some other bodily pains. BUT I'm not fully sure how this branch of magic should be successfully practiced.

What I thought is grindering some herb along with sea salt with a mortar and pestle. The same way one would prepare such mixes for ritualistic or alchemy workings.
Placing such mix of herb+salt under a sick person's bed while they sleep, placing a parchment with convenient sigils right above their bed. Energies should act on the person, helping them in the healing process.
The herb in question should be appropiate for the working, of course. Same as the sigil/s used.

BUT I'm not a healer and have little experience on this topic.
Herbal sympathetic magic would be the most simple, or better said, the easily branch of sympathetic magic to work with. Mineral, animal, or astrological sympathetic magic could be pretty well applied, with same or better results.

Francis Barrett claims that the moss which has grown on a dead man's skull would have the essential qualities to be used in any kind of healing sympathetic working. As this moss would have the tied astral qualities of a man just by being born on its head.
This same author has laid several interesting formula for magnetic and/or sympathetic magic workings. Which may be difficult to get, but are nonetheless worthy pursuing.

This could pretty well expand my knowledge on how to pursue alchemy. And of course, opening my magical working to a way broader endings.
Plus, I always find pretty fancy working with herbs in such a way lol. Pharmakos working is just something I always wanted to practice lol.

What do you think on the topic?

BTW, I have not made any research yet on the background of the author of this modern grimoire. I also know that many spirits could teach this kind of magic, as many areclaimed to be able to instruct the magician in the power of precious stones or herbs. I just want to expand on the topic :P

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