When approaching gods, and working with them.

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When approaching gods, and working with them.

Post#1 » Sat May 26, 2018 10:05 am

Hello everyone,
Lately, I've been way off from my practice, mainly because I've been getting a lot of work to do and had way less time to meditate or practice magic. I've also been leaving behind my magical-religious dogma centered around the Kabbalah to a more secondary vision of the world.

Hence, I decided to open my practice to different systems. It could be a good way to get experience on different stuff, and also to experience the world in a different way. Hopefully even to help me tidy my own thoughts, and get my own insights :)
I decided to do so by working with gods and goddesses from different pantheons, so as to experience them directly.

Of course there's no need to actually connect with god-forms to accomplish such things, it's just the way I decided to follow.

In this topic I would appreciate your opinions. I will lay the current method I'm following to contact god-forms, and those I'm currently most interested in contacting. I would appreciate too if you know about a certain god or goddess that magicians would benefit meeting. :P

So, as to the method I'm using...

This is something I made up and found in no book, I follow it mostly because I feel it works. And while I haven't met many god-forms, so far it has been working for me.

First, and most important, knowing which god-form one wishes to contact. This seems like an obvious step, but it is important to care about it. You should know about the god-form, interest yourself in their mythology(although sometimes it is hard to find any myth regarding a god-form, specially if they didn't hold much popularity in their respective pantheon), cults related to them, why people worshipped them, and why should you connect to them. If while getting info any of this things doesn't convince you, most likely you shouldn't contact to that god-form.
Most important thing about this method is that it all feels "right" to you. If any of it doesn't feel right, change it for something that does. If a god-form doesn't feel "right" to you or your practice, be wise, don't disturb them and leave them be(and by doing so, they'll let you be).

Second, find any important iconography about them.
Goddesses like Hekate could make iconography a little weird, but don't worry, it's still ok.

Third, carefully meditate on their iconography and every info you've found about them. To help me in this step, I grab a piece of blank paper, and write on it any kind of thought that comes to my mind. The ultimate goal of this simple exercise is to help me focus on said god-form, on their energies, on their influence,... so it doesn't matter if silly stuff comes to mind, or words with a negative connotation attached to them. Only thing that matters is that it must be related to the topic.
When writing words, I tend to end up feeling the god-form energy.

Now, if you have meditated deep enough and you're feeling the energies already, you're likely on the right path. At this point, I try to further try to connect to the god-form energies.
Grab the most relevant iconography you've found about the god-form. Remember, try to make it relevant to YOU.
This is most likely the hardest step, since I now try to sigilise the iconography(or, in some cases when I don't find any iconography relevant, try to sigilise the energies and thoughts you're getting as best as you can). This sigil, being made by you and I assume only for you, will have little relevance, but will be a direct link between you and the god-form.

The ritual could proceed right now. Use sigils or ideas accordingly as you see most fit. I've sometimes burnt the sigil as to create the idea of manifestation. Any further tools or practices could vary from god to god. But any kind of offering will be appreciated by the god-form, as you all know.

This method could work for any entity, of course. Since pretty much one is using their emotive energy to directly connect with a being, and in that way is a quite simple method lol.

Now, the downside of this is that there's no initiation into any belief system or culture, since it depends on the self. But, one could always ask the gods for said initiation even if it takes longer than actual cults and rituals made for that purpose.

And aside from the method...
My thoughts right now involve working with the Greco-Roman pantheon. I'm already working with the PGM, and I hope to be able to get further into the Ancient Greek belief system :)
I also plan to work with Eastern currents. Hinduism, Buddhism and Shinto mainly. I've already worked(briefly) with some of those systems, but those currents hold more wisdom than I have experienced so far, would be a positive way in opening my thoughts I assume.

So, any ideas you can have? Any cautions I should take care of before meeting god-forms so different from each other? I've never been a huge fan of full eclecticism, but I'm doing this just to expand and grow personally, not to build a system with every deity I find.

I'd love to read from you all soon :D

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