Spells, dieties, and retrograde planets

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Spells, dieties, and retrograde planets

Post#1 » Thu Mar 29, 2018 2:31 pm

I’m looking at this thread on various wealth dieties, as we know all dieties correspond to a planet.


If one is casting a spell to get a diety to help you with a problem it seems like it would make since to not work with them on your problems when their planet is retrograde.

However to my knowledge The Sun and the moon *never* go retrograde and therefore seem to be the strongest forces to work with due to sheer consistency in it’s expression.

My experience of Jupiter during Jupiter retrograde could feel like a general slow period or famine. I haven’t worked with Jupiter much lately and I haven’t felt the bad of it as much.

I thought about working with Mercurial forces, but then I remembered Mercury is in retrograde until April 15th. Generally I don’t believe too much in the screwyness of Mercury retrograde. I believe if people worry (think/ invite in) about Mercury more during this time they will get the negative effects more. But if you maintain a balanced state that will have more of an effect on you and your immediate life than the planets. Because that is why we work with planetary influences very often, to grow the part of their essence that we feel is lacking.

So in times of strife, it seems like it would be better to work with The Sun for worldly matters and the Moon for moods and subconscious interior issues. It seems you must be much more careful of timing with the other planets due to retrograde. What are your thoughts or experience working with deities or planetary spirits at various times including retrogrades?

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