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Prayer - By BrotherM

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I wanted to resurrect this old essay written by BrotherM for the short lived Blog.

BrotherM wrote:Prayer
by BrotherM
Nov 7, 2009

I would like to start my blog posting by addressing one of the single most important components of obtaining results in all kinds of magick, let alone evocation, prayer. Sadly this is commonly overlooked in favour of more modern ritual techniques, which is understandable given the anti-Christian or anti-Church attitude of many occultists today, however I feel strongly that it is overlooked at the cost of the magickian.

Regardless of belief system, magick is built on the principle of their being a spiritual hierarchy. Key to this hierarchy are two components at opposite ends of the spiritual spectrum: a supreme divine being (the “Divine”) which is without limitation and is generally credited with creation of the universe, and the magickian (the “Magickian”), a physical being having limitless spiritual potential but virtually no ability due to the physical state that we find ourselves in. In between the Divine and the Magickian are a whole host of spiritual creatures which make magick possible. These spiritual creatures, be they Angels, Demons, Planetary Spirits, Spirits of the Zodiac, Elementals or God Forms are emanations of the Divine which represent more and more basic attributes of the Divine the lower down the are in the spiritual hierarchy they appear. Depending on the desired result, the magickian summons a specific spiritual creature and commands it to complete a task which is within its remit to complete.

There are two very important points in that last sentence that require emphasis: The Magickian Commands; and, Within Its Remit. Let me explain.

The Magickian Commands: The act of commanding suggests authority. If whatever you are commanding does what you ask, it shows that there is either a level of authority on the part of the commander, or, there is a relationship between the two parties. It is important in magick that the magickian work to develop both of these things. In magick, authority is developed by the magickian by aligning himself with the Divine Will. This is done through subjecting himself to the Divine Will and as such becoming a part of it. When achieved, it is not just a physical being commanding the obedience of a spiritual creature, it is a subject of the Divine, disobedience to which directly implies disobedience to the Divine.

Within Its Remit: This addresses the relationship that needs to exist between the magickian and the spiritual creature which he is commanding in order for magickal results to be obtained. Essentially, a being as spiritually limited as a human needs to act with extreme courtesy when dealing with spirits. As previously discussed, a spirit is not some kind of person with no body that spends its time managing some mundane set of tasks (the anthropomorphised view), it is an emanation of the Divine, an aspect of the Divine Will, a magickal current which forms an essential building block of our reality both spiritual and physical. For spiritual creatures, we build these relationships through pathworking and meditation, either directly through the Seals of the spirits or via the various pictographs and correspondences of the universe, like the Tree of Life, but that is the subject of a later post. The point here is that through prayer, we build a relationship with that singular Spirit, the Divine. We tap into the Source of everything through which all things can be discovered.

Looking at any of the grimoires like the Goetia, the Grimoirium Verum, Abramellin or even the Grand Grimoire, it becomes obvious that the above was common knowledge to those who created them. What is clear by looking through these books and practicing what is contained within them is that Solomic Magickians strive to first be purified both physically and spiritually before they begin to practice the art of evocation. They do this through prayer and the use of the psalms. The serious practitioner must take this one step further.

Evocation by the book, done only by the book, is not very different from asking God to materialise you a bike for Christmas. Prayer for the sake of obtaining some kind of magickal result is rather un-courteous and as such the magickian needs to pray on a daily basis to truly develop that relationship with the Divine. Now this need not be a convoluted process, below is a prayer that I use. It is short, simple, but full of symbolism and meaning. Feel free to use it to draft your own:

Oh most powerful and ineffable One

You who art everything and nothing

Indivisible and yet in all things

Creator of the Universe

Lord of the Darkness and Lord of the Light

Grant that I may be purified and regenerated in mind, body and spirit

Grant me access to the mysteries and the wisdom to comprehend what I m shown

Grant that I may walk the path of the wise and know that which is hidden from normal men

Lord of the Universe, send unto me your ministering Angels and Spirits, and make them obedient unto me, that through them I may learn to achieve all that I desire.

As it is in accordance with the Divine Will. Amen

I strongly recommend that you use a dream diary when you begin to incorporate this sort of prayer into your daily practice. In addition to spirit visitation in your dreams, you will notice two alchemaical changes happening. Firstly your attitude towards magick will change, you will stop viewing it as a transaction and it will become integrated into how you live your life. Secondly, you will find it far easier to obtain the required state of mind in which magick is conducted.


Ex Mea Sententia.

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