Old Bibles as talismans, a Neophyte's observation.

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Old Bibles as talismans, a Neophyte's observation.

Post#1 » Mon Apr 15, 2019 8:36 pm

So my wife had hung onto these really old KJV bibles from her old church and I recently took an interest to them.

Not because I'm particularly Christian (I'm not) but at least in my studies I was curious to what objects that have close to 30 years worth of hymns, prayer, worship and life imbued with them. They even have highlights and old notes from previous generations of Church goes scattered among their pages. I could tell you what Amy bought for Brandy's baby shower in 1991.

Any who, I guess because I'm becoming more sensitive to these things, they seem to have a power of their own. Not like a holy super power "my bibles are the best".
But a lot of current focus as a beginner is just learning to be more sensitive to things spiritual and a daily mediation practice, along with a consistent mediation practice to "open my third eye" and I can genuinely tell these books have a "feel" to them that's not like a brand new copy of a bible or any of my other books (most of which are amazon published/printed).

Full disclosure I have played a bit in the darker realm of things, particularly I experimented with Demonolatry, though in as controlled of environment as I could. One thing I did experiment with, is using these Talisman Bibles in a banishing ritual and I can almost feel more power coming through it. In this case doing the LBRP I'll involve the book or have it on my person. (Which is a weird ritual if you keep finding yourself leaning more into the black magick/lhp side of things).

One time when things just "didn't feel right" in the circle I grabbed one and tossed it in the circle, and immediately felt what ever negative presence just disappear. Subtracted the bible and things seem to slowly gather up negatively again.

What do you older practitioner's think? Could the simple fact that objects used in weekly worship at some point just become talismans even if there wasn't an intent to make them such? Has anyone else every just collected old church bibles and used them in rituals?

Am I just being a silly newb? Your thoughts are appreciated.

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