Accidental planewalking

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Accidental planewalking

Post#1 » Wed Nov 14, 2018 11:17 am

Have you ever accidentally planewalked? It's difficult to describe, and impossible to verify, but it's an uncanny feeling, like a glitch has occurred that simply isn't possible. Often simple, ignorable things.

For example, I once tried to maintain the "I'm the center of the universe" (bornless) state for two weeks straight. I noticed things got a bit weird. Things showed up that I don't remember existing, but there was always evidence of construction; the story was never fractured.

I had a pitcher once with a one direction lid. Someone came over and said, "this is on backwards" and reversed it. Later I tried to reverse it again, but the plastic grooves didn't fit. I was stumped. I remembered, but reality seemed to want to make me forget, to just accept. It reminds me of that movie Dark City.

Other times it's not so subtle at all. Walked past a church one day during my procedure and I saw some odd looking guys in hoods praying to some statues. Dead still, no motion. Very serious.

There's never anything "wrong", it's just odd to find so many different normal things within a condensed time period. Frankly, it's hard to differentiate synchronicities from psychosis. Just kinda roll with it.
The ability to think can be corroded. The thoughts themselves never break down.
Occult as in hidden, not conspiracy. I'm Paper Mario, asking the cubes to do things.

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