OOBE/NDE/ and the emerging critique of physicality in mind science

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OOBE/NDE/ and the emerging critique of physicality in mind science

Post#1 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 3:11 pm

There is a small but academic movement that has started to challenge the standard scientific model that opposes the current nuts and bolts model of our minds being solely the product of chemical reactions in cells. These brave individuals are university professors of Ph.D. level who have investigated the following:

Reincarnation in children;

Near Death Experiences and the evidence of survival after brain activity has ceased;

meditation; and

crisis apparitions.

This work has been summarised as a 2hr. talk.

This is great academic research that goes against the narrow perspective that most scientists show (even if they do not work in the field) which only shows colossal ignorance and the contempt for what we would call UPG. I have no doubt that there are many non-science graduates that merely parrot the bigotry of scientists that have a vested interest in stifling genuine scientific research if it dare challenge the ruling paradigm.

Of course what happens when the UPG is analysed numerical and consistencies are shown is an unfortunate truth for some.
Whereas I am heartened by such nuanced academic research and that such learned scientists would actually confess to studying Buddhism and the yoga sutras of patanjali their work only gives scientific acknowledgement of the phenomena but does not speculate on the actual mechanisms. In this respect they are behind experienced magicians who are elucidating the mechanisms and have working hypotheses that may explain how mind can exist outside of the body and may even explain reincarnation.

Hopefully everyone has read this. I am firmly in the anti-physicalist camp and have made trhis thread. I really would welcome contributions by anyone except those who are firmly in the physicalist camp as that would be potentially disruptive.
OK now this is clear the link will appear in the next post.
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