Essential Tenets of Authentic Qabala: Part 1

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Essential Tenets of Authentic Qabala: Part 1

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I have had a number of people ask me about learning Qabala - here is a few essential tenets you will not find in published books on bookshelves and websites from people who imagine they know Qabala, not realizing pretty much all Western Qabala is a Medieval-Victorian invention of people who did not know Qabala.

You will not find most grimoires are based on the erm, "creative redactions" in modern Qabala that have no tie-in to actual Hebrew language. Therefore study of what is in most modern books on "Kqwabbhalah" are not actually useful. most victorian texts take great artistic license. In general, the mechanisms of hebrew spirituality are reinforced in the language mechanics for these existed before the language ceased to be written in Cuneiform. You will therefore find most of the tenets of Qabala are about the SOUND not the letter.

From "mouth to ear" is Qabala, this is done in two ways, Oration and Listening. it is essentially how to read out loud, and how to write what you hear. So one of the greatest tenets of Qabala is LITERACY.

There are not three mothers, there are four. They are not elements, but they are affiliated with the four directions and the four winds. They are four consonants that act as tones in place of vowels to guide pronuciation. They also rule use of case and tense. These are called the AM KRYH, the "Mothers of Reading" They are


The "Double letters" are not the BeGaKePaT. in fact only, three of the BeGaDKePaT even have two vocalizations! (Bet/Vet, Chaph/Kaph, and Peh/Pheh). The BeGadKePat are a distinction of letters that can only begin a syllable that ends with a tone of the throat instead of a stop of the tongue, lips, or teeth. Thus if at the end of a word, they will be sounded with an implied tonal.

The TWELVE double letters are letters which sound similar in pairs, as follows:

Aleph and Ayin
Vet and Vau
Cheth and Chaph
Kaph and Qoph
Teth and Tau
Sin and Samekh (Sin is a variance of Shin)

These have nothing to do with the Zodiac. The have to do with the fact that 22 letters in fact represent 16 (fourfold) sounds. The 16 sounds are important. Four sets of four sounds. 16 was the age of a man entering the covenant through circumcision inborn into the tribe. 16 years the people wandered. 16 years it rained. FORTY is a mis-translation of arbayim "plurals-of four" i.e. fours of four. 16. These 16 sounds all have their own traits.

The planets (of which there are five) attributed to the pentagram are represented by the five gutturals, the letters that do not stop with teeth, tongue, or lips.

Aleph - Saturn
Heh - Venus
Cheth - Jupiter
Ayin - Mars
Resh - Mercury

(***Resh does not end on the tongue, it is not exactly like an "R", it ends by tensing the muscle of the espohagus and closing the mouth about 1/4.)

The sun and moon are not planets, but they are part of the host. They are L and M, the roots of the Tongue and the Lips.

Lamed - formed by the rising of the The Tongue. Masculine
Mem - formed by the closing of the Lips. Feminine

Elements are not really employed by single letters, it doesn't work that way, I am pretty sure everyone knows this deep down. Planets are symbolized by SOUNDS but each of those sounds is symbolized by two letters. These letters relate to certain aspects of astrology of the corresponding planets, but it is not so simple as a one to one connection or there would be no need for the planets to have names:

The Teeth is the root of dental sounds correlating to Esh / "Fire" (the touching of it impacts sound)
The Lips is the root of Labial sounds correlating to Mayim / "Water" (the closing of it impacts sound)
The Throat is the root of guttural sounds correlating to Ruach / "Air" (the opening of it impacts sound)
The Tongue is the root of alveolar sounds correlating to Melet / "Clay" (the molding of it impacts sound)

The other relations of the 12 signs of the zodiac is 12 letters that are so sacred they can ONLY be used to form a root of a word. Any other letter can as well, but these letters can ONLY be used to form a root of a word. thus any other letter can be a modifier or conjunction or participle:


As you can see, there is a lot of overlap in these distinctions. For example, Ayin is a Double Letter, a Root Letter, and a Guttural. The reason is because Letters are not god's legos. SOUNDS are. The world is composed of patterned interpenetrating vibrations. We recieve these orally as sounds.

The idea that hebrew is based in some 3 mothers, 7 doubles, and 12 singles which just happen to be all over the cosmos is an insult to the fact that in proto-hebrew, language is an exploration of the capacity to make sound with the throat, lips, tongue, and teeth. The esoteric models in Qabala are not as Newtonian as Western Qabala. They are quantum explorations of existence conveyed in what is commonly observed.
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